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Whiteboards / Flipcharts

Whiteboards and flipcharts for every occasion

Sales meetings, staff meetings, company presentations - everyday work involves many situations in which it is necessary to use aids. Aids that help to structure your everyday work well. One such tool is our whiteboard. Here, thoughts can be quickly recorded and publicly presented in a group. Whiteboards have become firmly integrated in companies. But whiteboards are also indispensable aids for structured work at seminars, product presentations or in everyday school life. Sometimes whiteboards are also used as writeable room dividers in offices. As you can see, a whiteboard is a flexible tool in our everyday lives.

Simply record your information

Whiteboards are the modern alternative to classic chalkboards. The only difference is that for a chalkboard you have to use a damp sponge to clean it. Residues of the chalk often remain visible on the board, making it difficult to clean completely. The whiteboard, on the other hand, has a lacquer, enamel, glass or steel surface. This makes it easy to write on as well as easy to clean. At the same time, the whiteboard does not only function as a pure writing board. Most whiteboards are magnetic, making it possible to attach notes, posters or similar items.

Whiteboard - writable and magnetic

Whiteboards can be written on with special, non-permanent markers. Thoughts, texts and drawings can be recorded quickly and easily. This is one reason why the whiteboard is often used in seminars and lectures. Alternatively, the whiteboard can also be used as a magnetic board. The white background makes attached notes stand out perfectly.

Whiteboards for every budget

In our wide range of products you will find whiteboards in various designs. You are guaranteed to find the right model for you, whether in landscape or portrait format. You can also see in our shop that high-quality whiteboards do not have to be expensive. We offer the right model for every budget. Our whiteboards with a lacquered steel surface are among the affordable entry-level models. For long-term, regular use, however, we recommend our models with an enamelled surface. You can also order the appropriate accessories to go with our models. Coloured markers, magnetic sponges, cleaners or magnets - we have everything you need to get started right away.

Whiteboard in combination with Flip Charts

Use a modern presentation and information system to enhance your working environment. Our flip charts are the perfect complement to the highly functional whiteboard. In addition to our whiteboards, flip charts have also proven their worth for fixing written ideas. Just as with the whiteboard, information of all kinds can be presented quickly and clearly on a flip chart. Quickly sketched and, if necessary, wiped clean again and also suitable for attaching magnets - this is our Flip Chart ECO, for example. This Flip Chart is a whiteboard and Flip Chart in one product. The infinitely height-adjustable tripod ensures that the Flip Chart stands firmly. Thanks to the 2 swivel arms, you can present up to 3 sheets of paper at the same time with this model. You can also find the matching accessories in our shop. It is best to use our starter set, which consists of markers, sponge and magnets. Simply order the flip chart, have it delivered and get started right away thanks to the accessories.