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Whiteboard whiteboards

Whiteboard whiteboards

In earlier times, chalkboards were used in many companies. Ideas and thoughts could be easily recorded here. Over time, the good old chalkboard has been replaced by the modern whiteboard. Ideas and thoughts can still be quickly recorded here, but with the big difference that the whiteboard can easily be cleaned without leaving any residue after it has been drawn on. And this can be done with a dry cloth, without water.

Capture your ideas easily with our whiteboards

Whiteboards make it easy for companies, public authorities and other institutions to structure their daily work and quickly record important ideas. Whiteboards are often used in offices, workrooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms. Our ECO whiteboard is easily mounted on the wall. The lacquered steel surface is easy to write on with a whiteboard marker and wipe dry. The whiteboard is written on with special markers. These markers are available in many colours so that drawings or texts can also be coloured on the whiteboard. Attach our whiteboard in landscape or portrait format as you wish and use it as a "think tank".

Whiteboard magnetic and writable in one product

Some meetings require the use of paper drawings. Alternatively, you can use the whiteboard as a magnetic board. Our high-quality whiteboard Premium is a whiteboard, magnetic and writable in one. The aluminium profile frame with rounded plastic corners reflects an elegant look. On the enamelled surface, you can record your ideas in writing with the whiteboard marker or attach posters and placards with magnets. The choice is yours, just as it is with wall mounting. Our whiteboard can be hung in landscape or portrait format. Like all our whiteboards, the magnetic whiteboard is also equipped with a practical storage tray. Thanks to the storage tray, you can quickly put down pens and magnets.

From entry-level to premium class - we have whiteboards for every budget

If you are looking for a suitable whiteboard, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our shop. In our extensive range, you can choose from many model variants, in landscape as well as portrait format. We offer the right whiteboard for every budget. Our whiteboards with a lacquered steel surface are among the affordable entry-level models. In contrast, our premium whiteboards have an enamelled surface. You will also find the matching accessories - such as coloured whiteboard markers or magnets - in our shop. Take a look around at your leisure.

Flip charts - the ideal complement to our whiteboards

Take a look at our flip charts, which are an excellent complement to our whiteboards. Our ECO flip chart stands stably on an infinitely height-adjustable tripod. Similar to our whiteboards, the board surface is writable and magnetic at the same time. Two swivel arms, which can present up to 3 sheets of paper at the same time, ensure a perfect presentation. An integrated pen tray ensures that you quickly have markers and magnets to hand. Would you like the flip chart to be movable? Then our Flip-Chart PREMIUM model is the right choice, as it can be easily moved back and forth on a rolling stand. In this way, this flip chart model ensures flexible use. Simply roll the flip chart to the place where you need it.