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No-Frame textile frame

Textile frames and no-frame frames

"Think Big" - the slogan perfectly describes the effect of our digital large format prints. BigPrints made of fabric are a real eye-catcher. Thanks to their flexibility, the attention-grabbing textile frames are ideal advertising media for indoor use. In shops, No-Frame textile frames generate impulses for action or serve to build brands. Potential new customers are specifically addressed by the striking presentation of the advertising message and invited into your shop.

Textile frames - also suitable for promoting the image of companies, brands and products.

Increasing sales is not the only effect of textile stretch frames. These textile BigPrints are also excellent for corporate image building. By means of visualisation, a company name, brand or logo remains subconsciously in the minds of the viewers for longer. Mood images can be used to create special moods. A creative design ensures a significant increase in brand and company awareness. Our no-frame textile frames are ideal advertising media for all types of interior wall surfaces. If you wish, we can not only prepare your graphic data, but also take care of the digital printing or textile printing, as well as the assembly on site. You don't have to worry about anything.

Textile stretch frames - the advantages

The advantages of textile stenter frames are not only their universal application but also the quick change of motifs. Some well-known fashion houses have been using no-frame textile frames for a long time because the motifs can be changed very quickly. This makes it easy to visually advertise the current collection according to the seasons. Even inexperienced personnel are able to change the prints of the textile frames. To do this, the rubber lip is pressed into the circumferential groove of the aluminium frame. As the frame is slightly larger than the printed fabric print, the digital print stretches immediately after two pages have been inserted. If all four sides are completely in the groove, the digital print is stretched without wrinkles. Since the fabric of the textile stretcher frame has a matt surface, there are virtually no disturbing reflections.

Textile frames - with LED lighting

Thanks to modern digital printers and their new dyes, textile stenter frames with illumination are also possible. In the past, illuminated digital prints often lacked brilliance, but today's textile prints are very colour-intensive and have a high contrast when illuminated. In the printing process, a larger amount of ink is applied, depending on the material for each of the basic colours. Here, too, there are different surface materials. Fabrics with a special coating enable even higher contrast and easier cleaning. Long-life LEDs with special lenses then provide homogeneous illumination of the textile frame. These LED lenses allow illumination from the side, which reduces the number of LEDs and thus makes illumination more cost-effective.

We print your textile frames in best quality

Whether advertising signs or posters - we only use high-quality materials that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. We have been one of the leading providers of poster printing online since 1995. Our knowledge and many years of experience are reflected not least in the quality of our advertising media. In order to be able to print your No Frame textile stretch frames, we process all file formats from the most common graphics programs. These include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesing. However, the easiest way to print posters online is to send us a print-ready PDF. It's quick and easy via email or data upload. In order to produce high-quality and appealing large posters, all our advertising posters are printed with high-performance machines. This means that even with large posters you get prints that have a very high resolution and sharp contours. Do you have any questions about large poster printing or our online poster printing service? Then simply contact us. The knowledge of our experts and many years of experience in the area of poster printing online make us not only a reliable service provider, but also one of the leading manufacturers for marketing tools.