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Textile printing - Simply a good solution for your large format

Among all advertising media, advertising posters have always had a high likeability value in the public eye. Advertising posters are not perceived as annoying or intrusive. With the help of BigPrints, advertising messages are always presented to all sections of the population and remain in the viewer's memory for a particularly long time due to the good visualisation. Especially large posters, the so-called BigPrints, achieve a high degree of attention. BigPrints, in digital printing or textile printing, are pure marketing.

Increase your sales revenue - quickly and effectively

Advertising posters offer companies direct contact with the public. The comprehensive presence and high reach make BigPrints the advertising medium par excellence. With the help of BigPrints, companies have a particularly good opportunity to promote sales and turnover. Viewers are directly addressed with the advertising message. The first inhibition threshold to enter the company is lowered significantly because the interest has been aroused. It has been proven that the number of spontaneous or impulse purchases increases through the use of advertising posters.

Stay in the memory longer

BigPrints and advertising posters are not only suitable for increasing sales revenue. These advertising media can also be used efficiently to build the image of companies or brands. Due to the large-scale visualisation, brands or logos remain longer in the minds of the viewers. This results in a significant increase in brand and company awareness. With our large-format posters, in digital print or textile print, you have an ideal advertising medium that is suitable for all types of wall surfaces and facades. For a permanent, fixed installation, we recommend mounting with our all-round keder rail frames. The convenient lifter system allows you to quickly and easily change motifs as needed. With our large posters, your choices are almost unlimited in terms of mounting and size. Just contact us, we have the right solution for you for every area of application. If you wish, we can not only prepare your graphic data and provide high-quality digital printing or textile printing, we can also take care of on-site installation.

Advertising signs - effective advertising media in public spaces

In addition to large posters and billboards, advertising signs are also an effective advertising medium in the field of outdoor advertising. Day after day - no matter where we move, advertising signs are always present in public spaces. This presence makes advertising signs one of the most effective advertising media. They arouse curiosity and are better remembered due to their visual design. We offer advertising signs in various formats and sizes. Depending on the location, you can choose from high-quality aluminium info boards to simple advertising signs made of aluminium sheeting. All our outdoor advertising signs are highly weather-resistant and are printed individually according to your specifications.

Advertising signs and large posters printed by Aldisplay

Since 1995, the Aldisplay team has been one of the market leaders in the production of high-quality advertising signs and large posters. Thanks to the many years of experience and the knowledge of our experts, we are not only able to print high-quality large posters, but also convince with a creative implementation of your wishes. For poster printing online, we can process all file formats from the popular graphics programmes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. Ideally, you simply provide us with a print-ready PDF for poster printing online. In order to print attractive large posters, all our advertising posters are printed with high-performance machines. This gives you a high resolution with sharp contours even for large formats. No matter whether it's BigPrints in digital printing or textile printing.