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Spit shields - & cough guards

Spit shields - & cough guards

Corona viruses are mainly transmitted by droplet infection. When the infected person (host) coughs or sneezes, the corona viruses reach the mucous membranes of other people in small droplets. This can also infect them. It is therefore important to prevent the spread of these droplets. Protective walls on counters or at cash registers in retail, the insurance agency or the bank branch or bakery protect employees. The protective walls presented here as so-called spit or cough guards are easy to install, easy to clean and at the same time inconspicuous and attractive.

They provide mechanical, but of course not medical protection.

Spit, sneeze and cough guards made of 4mm acrylic XT

Our spit and cough guards are made of sturdy acrylic glass XT. They can be mounted either by simply plugging in the supplied feet or by using the wire ropes with "S" hooks. The width of the feet is large enough to allow them to be securely placed on counters or tables. The wire ropes supplied have a length of 3m for all ceiling suspension systems and can therefore also be used for high ceilings.

Spit shield acrylic protective wall as an L-stand

You can buy a protective wall as a spit shield from us at a reasonable price. We offer this in the format 500 x 700 x 300 mm. It is delivered completely ready for installation. Simply positioned on a counter or set up at the checkout between the goods carriers, this offers flexible and space-saving set-up options. The customer pass-through is adequately dimensioned at 250 x 200 mm.

Spit shield as a display unit

Our spit shields and sneeze guards are available from stock in three formats. 500 x 750 / 650 x 650 / 1000 x 600 mm, with a depth of 250 mm. This means that there is a suitable size for almost every requirement. The 4 mm acrylic glass spit shields are each supplied with two acrylic feet that are simply inserted on site. Here, too, an appropriately sized pass-through enables customer contact.

Spit shield as ceiling hanger

The two ceiling hangers in the format 1000 x 500 mm and 1000 x 1000 mm are offered completely as a set. The required wire rope and the hooks for fastening are included. This means that these spit shields can be mounted without screws or dowels.
The size of the pass-throughs is 250 x 100 mm.

If you would like an individual solution, please send us an enquiry!

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Kategorie Spuckschutz

Here is a small excerpt from the spit shield category:

Spuckschutz als Deckenhänger

Spit shield made of 4 mm acrylic as a ceiling hanger

The spit shield as ceiling hanger with pass-through. For easy attachment to the ceiling without disturbing acrylic feet. Including 2 height-adjustable wire suspensions for ceiling mounting (without dowels and screws). The spit shield is available in sizes 1000 x 500 mm and 1000 x 1000 mm and is made of 4mm acrylic XT.

Spuckschutz Aufsteller

Spit shield made of 4 mm acrylic as a stand-up element

The spit shield is made of 4 mm acrylic glass with a pass-through in the lower part. Simple and without assembly, with two adhesive strips for optional attachment to smooth surfaces.

Spuckschutz Aufsteller Schutzwand

Spit shield made of 4 mm acrylic as a protective wall

Made of 4 mm acrylic glass. Includes 2 feet and with a customer pass-through. The spit shield is stable and quick to assemble - just plug it together and you're done. The spit shield can be ordered online in several sizes. Here you are guaranteed to find your spit shield to protect your staff.

Our spit shield offers mechanical protection, but of course not medical protection.

Cleaning and disinfection of spit guards, sneeze guards and cough guards with acrylic glass surfaces

Dirt can hardly adhere to the non-porous surface of our spit guards. Dusty surfaces are cleaned with water to which a little washing-up liquid has been added and a soft, lint-free cloth or sponge. Bacteria and viruses can be easily wiped off surfaces with isopropanol (2-propanol) and a soft cloth. The surface of acrylic glass is not attacked in this way.

Isopropanol is mainly used in medicine and industry for cleaning or disinfection. The active ingredient has also been approved for the disinfection of hands to combat Covid-19 (coronavirus). Commercially available disinfectants are only partially suitable, as they can damage the surface of acrylic glass, spit shields or protective walls made of acrylic glass by adding surfactants or chemical agents.

In the case of heavier, especially greasy soiling, benzene-free petroleum ether (petroleum ether, benzine) can also be used for acrylic glass. Only cleaners and other auxiliary materials compatible with acrylic glass may be used. Acrylic glass should not be wiped dry, otherwise small and/or large scratches will appear on the surface.

The following are suitable for cleaning spit guards, sneeze and cough guards or acrylic glass guards:

Lukewarm water with a little dishwashing detergent.

Pure benzine (petroleum ether)

Soft, damp viscose sponge

Sponge cloth

Soft, damp lint-free cloth

Chamois leather

Cotton tea towel

The following are suitable for disinfecting spit-up protection, sneeze guards and cough guards:

Isopropanol (2-propanol)

Abrasive cleaning agents are generally not suitable for cleaning acrylic glass.