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Tenter frame

Stenter frame

The sale of products forms the basis of every company's existence. In order to increase sales revenues and turn potential customers into customers, many companies rely on the high reach of posters. But a good poster alone is not enough. Only the perfect frame completes the overall picture of the poster. This is how your advertising becomes an eye-catcher.

Aluminium stretch frames - the perfect frame for your advertising message

Our aluminium stretch frames are the perfect frame for your advertising message. The feather-light, floating presentation of your posters is made of simple plug-in aluminium profiles. The profiles are connected at the corner pieces with integrated poster holders. With the usual crocodile clips, it happens time and again that paper posters tear out. Since our aluminium tensioning frames fix the poster by the spring pressure of a special construction with wide support surfaces, this cannot happen here. The perfect appearance of the poster is always preserved. All our aluminium stenter frames are available in different formats. If your desired format is not included, we can also offer you various special formats for larger quantities.

Tenter frames for posters and billboards - flexible and individually applicable

Our aluminium stretching frames are not only visually impressive due to their elegance. They can also be used in a variety of ways. Your advertising messages can be placed indoors or outdoors, on the ceiling, on the wall, on the counter or on the table. Nylon ceiling suspensions, wire rope ceiling suspensions, mounting sets for the wall or acrylic feet - you can find all of these as accessories for your aluminium tension frames from us. Our stretch frames for posters and billboards are also suitable for use as shop window advertising. Using a special adhesive tape, our stretching frames for posters can be easily attached to window panes. In this way, you can skilfully set accents in the shop window and arouse the curiosity of passers-by.

Our stretch frames - robust quality for long-lasting use

We do not only attach importance to a stylish appearance of our stretch frames. Our stretch frames for posters also impress with their easy handling. Our snap frames are equipped with a sturdy plastic rear panel. This guarantees an easy change of motifs in no time at all. To ensure that your advertising message looks as freshly printed even after some time, all of our stenter frames have an anti-reflective protective film. This protects your posters and billboards from direct sunlight and fading.

Choose from different formats and designs for your stenter frames

Tenter frames offer the perfect frame for your advertising. No matter what format your posters are, we have the right stenter frame for you. Our A1 stretch frames are particularly popular. The large A1 stretching frame attracts all eyes and is a real eye-catcher. Companies also like to use the A1 stretch frame as an additional marketing tool at trade fairs and events. At the point of sale, posters and A1 stretch frames achieve a high coverage of your advertising message. Posters and stretch frames in A1 thus provide an additional eye-catcher. Your advertising message arranged in a stretcher frame makes it appear even higher quality and more inviting. Place your advertising message in the best light with our stylish stretch frames. Whether indoors or outdoors, on the ceiling or on the wall - our stretch frames ensure that your posters attract even more attention.