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Large selection of showcases

Since 1995, we have been a leading manufacturer of display cases, LED light boxes and other advertising media. Therefore, we can offer you a large selection of attractive, sturdy display cases in our display case shop. Different formats and designs are available. Your desired design is not included? No problem for us. In the course of time, we have manufactured many showcases according to customer-specific wishes. Individual solutions are our challenge, which we gladly accept. And that doesn't just apply to showcases. In the area of LED light boxes, we also offer individual solutions in addition to many standard formats. If you need a B1 fire protection class showcase or a showcase in double-sided design - we can help.

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Your showcase in focus

When it comes to presenting information not only eye-catchingly but also stylishly, our display cases are just the right choice. Like no other advertising medium, display cases skilfully combine an aesthetic design with functionality. Put advertising messages or other important information in the spotlight with the help of our display cases. Take advantage of our models and make your information and offers an eye-catcher for passers-by, customers and interested parties.

Choose your display case from our extensive range

In our showcase category, you can choose from many different models. Our models are prepared for wall mounting, but can also be set up free-standing on a stand. Showcases that are installed outdoors have to meet special requirements. Robust quality and weather resistance are essential for an impeccable appearance after prolonged use. To ensure that your notices are clearly legible at any time of day or night, we also offer LED lighting units for your showcase. The glass doors made of ESG safety glass protect your outdoor information from theft and vandalism. At the customer's request, some of the display cases in our shop can also be equipped with an individual text/logo area.

Equipment and location - showcases at a glance:

Promotions, special offers, mandatory information or legal regulations are effectively displayed in a showcase. Due to the increased attention, the contents quickly become the focus of the viewer. Display cases can be used individually. Since they can be refitted again and again without great effort, they are suitable for any type of information dissemination. We offer display cases for both indoor and outdoor use. Depending on the location, a showcase can be equipped with additional features such as lighting or a stand. A magnetic rear panel can also be easily integrated into a showcase if it is not already fitted as standard.

Schaukasten Indoor BT26

Showcase for indoors

Showcases in shops not only present current offers, products or services in an elegant way. Companies are also increasingly using showcases to present operational procedures, escape and rescue plans for employees and customers in a visually appealing and informative way. With the help of our display cases, your information will attract the necessary attention. Our ECO BT26 display case has an elegant, extra-flat design and offers an inexpensive alternative for your indoor notices. Due to the low construction depth of 26 mm, the attractive display case is suitable for tight spaces. The magnet-adhering steel rear panel in white allows you to change your notices quickly and easily. If desired, you can order this display case with a cork rear panel. The display case is equipped with grey plastic corners to minimise the risk of injury.

Schaukasten Flat BT23

Indoor and outdoor display case

The Flat BT23 Indoor/Outdoor display case is the all-rounder among the display cases. Equipped with a revolving door with UV-resistant front panel and magnetic rear panel. With a depth of only 23 mm, it is ideal for narrow spaces and passageways. A lockable cylinder lock and an ESG safety pane made of plastic are also provided here. The sturdy aluminium construction allows weatherproof outdoor installation. The inexpensive showcase is therefore not only suitable for companies, but also for private announcements by clubs and neighbourhood associations.

Schaukasten PREMIUM BT46

Outdoor display case

The PREMIUM BT46 Outdoor display case is the flagship among the display cases. Equipped with two gas pressure springs, the upward-opening door is automatically held in the open position. This allows you to change the contents of your showcase conveniently and easily. The sturdy aluminium construction with a depth of 46 mm is available in sizes from 2 x 2 DIN A4 to 9 x 3 DIN A4. The sturdy aluminium construction allows for weatherproof and long-lasting outdoor installation. The reinforced frame makes the display case weatherproof. The integrated ventilation openings prevent condensation from forming and the panes from fogging up.

Schaukasten PREMIUM BT46 Outdoor LED

Illuminate your display case and your information - energy-saving and effective

Our LED showcases are a good addition to our showcases. Thanks to the modern and energy-saving LED technology, your advertising messages are clearly legible at any time of day or night. Our LED display cases can be used to great effect in numerous places in your company. In our shop you will find a large selection of display cases with LED lighting. With each model, you acquire a high-quality and stable advertising medium that offers a pleasant view of your information. The display case shown here also has a white panel at the top that can be individually labelled. The LED lighting is mounted under this panel.

We at ALDISPLAYS offer the right display case for every purpose. In addition to high quality, ALDISPLAYS showcases are also convincing in terms of functionality and design.