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Brochure stand / Dispenser

Brochure stands / dispensers

Even in the digital age, customer-oriented marketing of your products or services on site is important. That's why print media such as leaflets, brochures and catalogues are still effective marketing items. But the most beautiful brochure is of no use if it is not presented in an appealing way. This is where we can help. With our brochure stands, you can present your products or services attractively, clearly and, above all, ready to hand to take away. This is an effective way to pass on your product and company information to your target group in style.

Brochure stands - flexible in use

A great advantage of our brochure stands is their flexible use. With our brochure stands, you can display your print media not only in your own business premises. Brochure stands are also often used at promotional events or trade fairs. Here, too, it is important to present the print media in an appealing way. For use at trade fairs or other external events, we recommend our foldable brochure stands. These models can be set up in no time at all and quickly stowed away again after use. In our large assortment you will find different designs and variants. You have the choice - brochure stands made of acrylic or brochure stands made of Plexiglas. Both versions are available in different widths so that many different DIN standards can be accommodated. Since there is usually not much space available on exhibition stands, you can also attach some of our models to the wall to save space.

Discover a variety of sizes and designs

Our selection of brochure stands is diverse. Discover our large variety of acrylic brochure stands or plexiglass brochure stands - we have the right project stand for every taste. You also have a free hand when it comes to choosing DIN standards. With our brochure stands, you can rely on quality, function and durability at a good price-performance ratio. An individual marketing strategy also requires individual advertising media. If you are looking for an individual brochure stand, we will be happy to advise you on the possible variations.

Combine your advertising media

In our large assortment you will not only find brochure stands made of acrylic or plexiglass,
to present your brochures, flyers or leaflets in an appealing way. In addition to these advertising media, we also offer you many advertising materials that can be combined well with each other and ensure increased attention. For example, our table stands and customer stoppers are a good complement to our brochure stands. Quick to set up and take down, customer stoppers arouse the viewer's interest. This motivates passers-by to enter your shop at a much higher rate. A customer stopper is an advertising medium that can be easily combined and always advertises professionally and impressively. Folding frames are also often used in combination with our brochure holders. This advertising medium makes your advertising messages look even better.

We have been one of the leading suppliers since 1995 - benefit from our knowledge.

Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us advise you competently on the individual advertising media. Since 1995, we have been one of the leading suppliers in the field of advertising media. We are happy to pass on our expertise, knowledge and many years of experience to you. Use our display stands to have the print media stored in them quickly at hand. Standard formats are delivered quickly from our factory in large quantities. But also the production, product and fast delivery of individual solutions are no problem for us. Just contact us.

Brochure stands suitable for every type and size of brochure

Brochures must be presented so that they are well received and used by the customer. Brochures should be positioned appropriately and presented in an appealing way. Brochure stands put brochures in the right light and enable an attractive presentation. Depending on the size of the brochure, there are suitable brochure stands for one type of brochure or for several types of brochure.

Brochure stands for attractive brochure presentation

Brochures are not cheap to produce and those who invest here should also ensure that the brochures are well presented. With brochure stands, every brochure can be positioned well. No matter whether the brochures are to be made available on the counter, positioned on the table or otherwise made available, a suitable brochure stand always offers an optimal solution.

Brochure stands are available in different versions and sizes. Elegant design creates the right setting to present brochures in such an appealing way that customers perceive them positively and use them accordingly. Today, brochure stands are simply part of the basic equipment. Depending on your needs, you should choose the right brochure display. The brochure stands are available with one compartment as well as for several brochures. In this way, the brochure holder can be optimally selected according to requirements.

Choose a brochure holder that matches the brochure

Brochure holders are already common in many companies. Optimal and appealing positioning of brochures ensures that customers accept them more readily and accordingly one should take the opportunity to place the brochure in an optimal position.

Brochure holders can be found in numerous shapes and formats and are therefore suitable for any brochure shape.

Brochure holders made of high-quality materials are worthwhile

Brochures often miss their target because they are not presented in an attractive way. If you want to keep brochures ready for your customers, you should do this in a brochure holder. Suitable brochure holders made of high-quality materials ensure that the brochure is presented in an elegant way and can be made available to customers. With the right brochure holder, you also save space and ensure a tidy counter or table, depending on where the brochures are to be made available.

Brochure holders are available with one compartment as well as with several compartments. There are also special brochure holders for different brochures in different formats. Brochure holders can be used flexibly and are ideal at trade fairs, information desks or sales counters to provide customers with brochures. Transparent brochure holders are particularly popular and allow a full view of the brochure.