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Presentation walls

Presentation walls from ALDISPLAYS

Everyone knows presentations from everyday business life. Whether it's the presentation of a product, an overview of the sales situation or the presentation of a new marketing strategy. Presentations are part of everyday business life. Presentation boards are a good way to present information effectively and visibly to a wide audience.

Elegant chalkboards with wooden frames

Turn your presentation into a stylish figurehead. With the help of our wall boards, you can rely on an elegant form of presentation. Framed in a solid wooden frame, the chalkboards can be hung on the wall or placed on a beautiful wooden easel. Functionality combined with an aesthetic design - that describes our chalkboards. Our extensive range also includes the right chalkboard for you. Choose between a light brown, dark brown or black frame. You can also choose between four different variants in terms of profile types. Our wall boards are not only elegant, but also blend extremely stylishly into the existing ambience. Our presentation boards with wooden frames can be written on with classic chalk but also with liquid chalk markers. For residue-free cleaning, use a damp cloth. If you choose a chalkboard, you can skilfully emphasise a rustic atmosphere, but also create an exciting contrast to modern furnishings.

Flexible aids for structured work

Our whiteboards offer a somewhat different kind of presentation. The metal pin boards can be written on with appropriate markers. A dry sponge is used to clean a whiteboard without leaving any residue. The metal pin boards are used in offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms or at seminars. Use our presentation wall to quickly write down thoughts or present diagrams clearly. Since the markers for our presentation wall are available in different colours, even complex processes can be clearly displayed in colour. Our presentation wall can be attached to the wall in landscape or portrait format as desired. The surface of the metal pin boards can be made of lacquer, enamel, glass or steel.
Our presentation wall in combination with flip charts
Upgrade your working environment. Our flip charts are the perfect complement to our metal pin boards. In addition to pin boards, flip charts have also proven their worth for quickly and clearly fixing ideas. Just as with the presentation walls, information of all kinds can be presented quickly and clearly on a flip chart. Quickly noted down and quickly wiped clean again. Notes can also be easily pinned on with the help of magnets. You can also find the right accessories for our flip chart in our shop. It's best to use the starter set, which consists of markers, a sponge and magnets.

Presentation walls for every budget

In our extensive range, you will find presentation walls in various designs. Whether in landscape or portrait format, you will find the right model for you here. You can also see in our shop that high-quality presentation walls do not have to be expensive. We offer the right model for every budget. Our pin boards with a lacquered steel surface are among the inexpensive entry-level models. For long-term, regular use, our models with an enamelled surface are available. You can also order the appropriate accessories to go with all our presentation boards and pin boards. Different coloured markers, magnetic sponges, cleaners or magnets - we have everything you need to get started right away.