Poster frames / Snap frames

poster frames - versatile in everyday use

Poster frames can be used in many ways in everyday business life today. They present offers, draw attention to services and products or visualise operational processes. Escape and rescue plans are in good hands in a poster frame. The poster frames make it possible to change posters quickly. They are therefore suitable for presenting current offers. They can be attached to the wall or window - as Window Snap Frames - or hung from the ceiling. This ensures that information and graphics get more attention. Our range of poster frames covers the insert formats DIN A4 to DIN A0. You can also order special formats from us. Or order the poster frame in a specific RAL colour or with printed top profiles. No matter which product you want: Our poster frames and slide-in frame are characterised by high-quality workmanship, durability and easy handling.

Snap frames & poster frames in many designs

poster frames - the perfect frame for your advertising

Poster frames make your advertising an eye-catcher. A high-quality aluminium frame in the right colour and size sets the scene for every poster. This ensures that more attention is drawn. Place your advertising indoors or outdoors. Also on the wall and on the ceiling or on table and counter. Give your advertising a professional look. In a poster frame, every advertising poster looks even more valuable and inviting. The high-quality workmanship of our poster frames contributes to this, which is reflected in a stylish and elegant look.


poster frame: Stylish appearance and practical functionality

snap frames. This makes it very easy to exchange the advertising posters. Use the frame again and again to present your current advertising or to make information visible. We also offer snap frames with the fire protection class B1. This makes it ideal for use in public buildings such as schools, offices and airports. If you hang up your posters in sunny locations, a special anti-reflective protective film protects many of our models from direct sunlight. This ensures that the poster is easy to read.

High quality poster frames, from small to large format poster frames, are available in our shop at attractive prices. Sturdy and robustly designed, our frames have a long service life and convince with a high degree of functionality. You can change your posters quickly and easily and assemble and hang up the poster frame with ease..

Snap frames open

poster frames - the structure

RONDO corners are an exception. Here we replace the mitres with curves in the poster frame for purely visual reasons.

Anodised top profiles

anodised top profiles for long durability of poster frames

Many of our standard poster frames are sold with silver anodised (EV1) top profiles in our shop. The advantage of this anodised material is that, unlike aluminium, it does not tarnish, is easy to clean and therefore looks like new even after years. Also the colour silver of the poster frames is more neutral to any other colour of the inserted poster or to the surroundings. This means that these poster frames can be used stylishly in all kinds of environments. Even as picture frames they are now finding their way into the market.