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Light columns from ALDISPLAYS

Visualised advertising messages are demonstrably perceived much better than classic advertising media. The great benefit of the illuminated pillar for companies is therefore obvious. No matter what the lighting conditions are, with an illuminated pillar you can ensure that your message is in the spotlight. Whether indoors or outdoors. The quick exchange of your advertising message, the high range and the low scattering loss among the target group make the light column a valuable advertising medium for every industry.

Meaningful advertising well illuminated

An illuminated column in the indoor area offers you plenty of space for meaningful advertising. Car dealerships, fashion brands, mobile phone providers - they all know about the sales-promoting effect of a light column in the indoor area. Customers are magically attracted by the perfect visualisation. Our Alight illuminated pillar is such an attractive eye-catcher. The illuminated advertising space can be provided with image motifs on both sides. Thanks to lateral clamping profiles, your motifs can be changed quickly and easily, as required. The silver-coloured decorative plate in the lower part of the light column gives it a particularly elegant look. Functionality and a stylish look combined in one.

Attract all eyes

Draw attention to your company from afar. Thanks to the very high luminous intensity, you can use a light column to draw attention to yourself from a distance. Even after dark, light columns in outdoor areas are very well perceived. Since light columns can be enriched with a wide range of content, they are suitable as advertising media for companies in all sectors. Illuminated pillars achieve a high coverage and have low scattering losses. This makes them an innovative and flexible advertising medium that every company can use individually. Just like our outdoor Waylight light pillar. The elegant, double-sided light column can be used as a free-standing logo or signpost light column. Thanks to the lateral clamping profiles, your motifs can be easily exchanged.

Illuminated pillars as information system or for image building

Illuminated columns are not only flexible in their installation. Our columns are also flexible in their use. Companies often like to use illuminated columns as information systems or for corporate image building. Present your company perfectly with the help of illuminated columns. Illuminated company names or slogans stay in people's minds longer because of the visualisation.

Present yourself in the right light at trade fairs

More and more companies that buy a light column also use it for their presence at consumer or manufacturer trade fairs. Thanks to the good lighting, prospective customers, customers or suppliers can see your stand from afar. Combine a light column with other elements and create a visual focal point. Perhaps in combination with our digital signage systems. The digital display combined with a light column - this is what the modern marketing mix looks like.

You can buy more than just a light column in our shop. Other contemporary advertising media can also be found in our diverse range. Together with our roll-up displays, trade fair walls, counter displays and flyer stands, we can design an integrated advertising presence for you that is, of course, optimally tailored to your needs and wishes. Please contact us. Standard solutions are already available ex works, even in larger quantities. And individual solutions are no problem thanks to our many years of experience. We have been designing, printing and creating individualised advertising materials since 1995. It's best to take advantage of our full service. We print your advertising message, manufacture your light column and also assemble it for you on site.

Advertising pillars - classic advertising media with many possibilities

Advertising pillars are and will remain interesting advertising media. Advertising pillars can be positioned well both outdoors and indoors and offer a very large advertising space without taking up much room themselves.

Advertising pillars are interesting for almost every company, as they are an interesting eye-catcher and are cost-effective.

Advertising pillars a lot of space for meaningful advertising

Advertising pillars are classic advertising elements. Since advertising pillars are not too widespread, they still attract attention. The big plus of the advertising pillar is that it requires little floor space itself, but offers a large advertising area that is suitable for oversized advertising messages as well as for an overview of offers.

The benefit of an advertising pillar is obvious and since it cuts a good figure both indoors and outdoors, the purchase makes sense. Advertising pillars are manufactured in different sizes and from a wide range of materials, so it is possible to choose an advertising pillar that is ideally suited to the space available and offers space for personal advertising. Both fixed advertising pillars and transportable advertising pillars make sense, because transportable advertising pillars are best suited for promotion.