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LED illuminated frame

LED illuminated frames

With LED light frames you visualise your advertising message and put it in the right light. LED light frames have long been one of the best-selling marketing tools, as they attract the necessary attention at any time of day or night. At the same time, this advertising medium is very flexible in its form of use. Companies often place LED illuminated frames outdoors. They additionally support their own marketing strategy with the help of the illuminated frame, or use the illuminated frames to illuminate their logo. But it is not only in the field of outdoor advertising that companies like to use this expressive form of advertising. Sales rooms, foyers, interiors and trade fair stands - the areas of application for LED illuminated frames are almost endless. Whether as placed product advertising or as an illuminated information stand - installation and use are variable.

Stage your advertising message with an LED illuminated frame

Posters are still one of the classic advertising media. They are inexpensive, flexible in use and achieve a high reach. In short - posters are always present. To put the advertising message of a poster in an even better light, we recommend LED light frames. With our illuminated frames in various sizes, such as our LED illuminated frames A1, you can increase the effectiveness of posters. Whether at trade fairs or in your own business premises, illuminated poster frames arouse the curiosity of interested parties and ensure an appealing presentation of your advertising message.

LED illuminated frames - flexible and energy-saving

The energy-saving LED illuminated frames can be used flexibly. Our flat illuminated frame Modullight is recommended as an illuminated frame for indoor use. The tried-and-tested snap-frame technology ensures simple, tool-free replacement of your advertising messages. Our edge-lit system ensures uniform and bright illumination of your advertising. Thanks to the use of electronic ballasts, this model offers energy savings of up to 60 percent. Available in a double-sided version for ceiling mounting or in a single-sided version for simple wall mounting. Our Flatlight model is ideal for outdoor use. The LDE illuminated frame Outdoor combines elegant design with vandalism protection and also has an integrated ventilation system that keeps your posters dry at all times. All of our LED light frames can be easily and stably mounted on any wall via several small holes.

LED illuminated frames A1 - the eye-catcher on your exhibition stand.

At trade fairs and other events, too, companies are increasingly relying on the visual illumination of their advertising messages with the help of LED illuminated frames. The LED illuminated frame A1 is particularly popular with our customers. This poster frame really sets the scene for your large posters. Combine the LED illuminated frame A1 with our trade fair systems and ensure that you stand out from your competitors. All marketing articles can be customised according to customer requirements to ensure a uniform trade fair appearance.

LED illuminated frames according to customer-specific wishes

LED light frames are always as individual as the customer. That's why we at ALDISPLAYS are happy to help you choose the right light frame. No matter for what purpose or for which location - we offer many different designs. Individualised illuminated frames are also possible. We are happy to produce individual formats or colour variants according to customer-specific wishes. Simply contact us. We will advise you competently and comprehensively.