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LED light box

LED illuminated buttons from ALDISPLAYS

Outdoor advertising is a very important marketing tool for many companies. Posters, advertising signs or banner displays, there are many ways to make outdoor advertising presentable. But with illuminated signs you can create an additional increase in the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. LED light boxes offer an attractive, sales-promoting presentation of products or services. Whether during the day or at night, LED light boxes always put your advertising message in the right light. Interested parties become aware of you and thus potential new customers. LED light boxes are not only effective in attracting new customers, but are also excellent for retaining and maintaining existing customers.

Light boxes - the best way to illuminate your advertising message

Put advertising messages in the right light. You can achieve this with our energy-saving light boxes with LED technology. The energy-saving LED light ensures that your advertising messages are evenly illuminated and clearly visible. Advertising messages in our LED light boxes thus receive more attention than conventional poster frames. Our LED lightbox outdoor is specially designed for outdoor use. The silver-coloured anodised frame made of aluminium hollow chamber profile blends in perfectly with any environment. The all-round folding frame makes it child's play to change the advertising messages depending on the current situation. Thanks to the various connection options, you can also mount the LED light box outdoor on the wall to save space. All LED light boxes are ready to be connected for outdoor use.

Light box as a source of information

Many companies associate illuminated advertising media primarily with their use as an advertising medium. However, LED light boxes are increasingly being used for informative purposes. As LED light boxes in the outdoor area, restaurants and pubs use the light boxes to display menus or opening hours. In the corporate sector, light boxes can be used to indicate escape or rescue routes. In the foyer area of a company, visitors can get an overview of rooms or departments in advance with the help of a light box. In order to save space, our LED light box has several small holes. These allow easy and stable attachment to any wall.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly - that's our LED technology.

It doesn't matter whether you want to use the light box for your product advertising or as an information carrier. What is certain is that an LED light frame is economical and environmentally friendly. The LED technology used reduces power consumption by up to 70 percent compared to conventional fluorescent tubes. Another advantage is the long service life of LED technology. This allows you to put your advertising messages or information in the right light in a cost-saving yet effective way. And that over a long period of time.

Light boxes direct from the light box manufacturer

In your search for the right light box, you can choose from a wide range of models. As a light box manufacturer, many models are available from us immediately. As a light box manufacturer, we have been producing a wide range of light boxes for our customers since 1995. Your customer-specific requirements are always in the foreground. Individual solutions are our challenge.
As a light box manufacturer, we offer you the entire range of illuminated advertising. Illuminated displays, illuminated frames, showcases with LED technology - we offer you a huge variety. All advertising media can be customised and are therefore perfectly combinable. Just get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you in detail about our individual products and possible combinations.

Available in numerous variations

Our light box can be ordered in numerous different sizes and variations. The light box is available with a curved or extra-flat front, as well as single or double-sided. The ALDISPLAYS light box is supplied complete with light source, cable and plug and is therefore ready for connection.

Whether you need a light frame or a light column, you will find the right light display at ALDISPLAYS. With our illuminated display, you can put your products in the limelight.

An illuminated display is an eye-catcher. We at ALDISPLAYS provide you with solutions for effective indoor and outdoor presentations. Our Modulight illuminated frame , for example, is suitable for mounting on walls as well as ceilings. It is available in various colours and sizes and comes with all the necessary accessories.

In addition to light frames, you will also find the matching light column in our range. The Waylight light column, for example, can be equipped with motifs from both sides and can either be set up as a free-standing light column or attached to the ceiling as a sign.

Whether indoors or outdoors - ALDISPLAYS illuminated displays turn your posters and billboards into real eye-catchers.

We at ALDISPLAYS will be happy to assist you in your search for a suitable illuminated display . In our range you will find a variety of different illuminated displays with different product features. For all our illuminated displays, we have attached great importance to the fact that the motifs can be easily changed. Our Flatlight model is ideal for outdoor use. It combines elegant design with vandalism protection and also has an integrated ventilation system that keeps your posters dry at all times.

ALDISPLAYS places great emphasis on service

We offer comprehensive services for all our display systems, as well as for the illuminated displays . Even a special production, completely according to your wishes, is no problem for us in case of higher quantities.