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Kundenstopper A1 wetterfest

Customer stoppers weatherproof DIN A1 and many other dimensions

Outdoor advertising at the point of sale - with our weatherproof customer stoppers

The weatherproof customer stopper A1 offers optimum protection for your advertising posters: the specially sealed foil pockets protect paper posters from rain and moisture. The waterproof customer stopper can therefore be used for a long time. Outdoor advertising does not have to cost a lot of money. Especially in retail and for small and medium-sized businesses, good advice is expensive when it comes to optimal outdoor advertising for your own business. Expensive poster campaigns or measures via guerrilla marketing are possible, but are associated with a relatively high level of effort, and are usually also relatively expensive. When it comes to outdoor advertising, ALDISPLAYS offers a range of display stands that set the scene for your outdoor campaigns in a skilful and varied way. We and our customers have had very good experiences with A1 customer stoppers in particular. This is not least due to the fact that our outdoor advertising stands are optimally equipped for use in wind and weather. In addition to the standard customer stopper models, we also offer the Swing-Master in an ECO and a PREMIUM version. We have something for every taste in our range.

Water drainage and anti-reflective films protect your customer stopper

If an advertising display stands outdoors in all weathers, it is exposed to rain, wind, sunlight and changing temperatures. A good advertising system should be prepared for these challenges. We have equipped our outdoor customer stoppers with UV-resistant anti-reflective film so that posters and billboards cannot fade. Apart from that, the films keep rainwater out and protect against dirt and dust. Our customer stopper Waterproof is additionally equipped with special water drainage openings so that rainwater can run off and does not damage the system. The sponge rubber seals used in this display system provide additional protection against water penetration. If you decide to use one of our outdoor customer stoppers A1, A0 and A, you should of course give them the appropriate care so that you can enjoy the systems for as long as possible. With the appropriate accessories, such as a brochure basket or a top sign, you can turn our customer stopper into your individual advertising tool for outdoor use. Why not ask us about our printing service and add your logo to your top sign?