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Wooden frame / chalkboards

Wooden frames and chalkboards

The classic aluminium customer stopper is not always the best choice. In the area of gastronomy and the hotel and restaurant industry, requirements such as weather resistance or robustness against wind and weather take a back seat. Outdoor displays should be inviting, personal and hospitable. Table displays and boards should be elegant and appealing. This is where our wooden frames and chalkboards come into play. Set noble accents and emphasise the warm rustic touch with the natural material wood. Whether in restaurants, cafés or bakeries, wherever an ambience needs to be created with warm tones and materials, our wooden products play out their decisive advantage. Made of beautiful beech wood and coated with UV-resistant varnish, our boards and wooden displays are particularly durable and ready for use in your home.

Product accessories for our wooden products

We have expanded our range of wooden boards & wooden displays for numerous purposes. For hanging on the wall, we have our chalkboards ready, which we stock with soft and round profiles as well as with square profiles. Numerous formats are available here, and you can even order the matching chalk markers in various widths as accessories in our shop. With the help of the wooden easel, you can use the chalkboards wonderfully, especially at receptions, closed parties, but also at congresses or conferences. Our display stands are a good choice for outdoor catering in pedestrian zones and on busy streets. For special offers on tables, e.g. exclusive wine lists, menus of the day or similar, we have the wooden table stands in our range in different DIN formats ready for you.