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Folding counters in many designs

Online marketing is no longer a foreign word in the marketing sector. More and more companies are relying on search engine optimisation and the like to increase sales revenues and the company's image. But in the age of online marketing, "classic" trade fair appearances remain an important part of a company's own marketing strategy. At a trade fair, personal contact with customers and interested parties is made possible. Existing customer relationships can also be strengthened and deepened. However, for the trade fair appearance to be a success, the right company presentation at a trade fair is crucial.

The optimal trade fair presentation

The first impression is decisive. This marketing rule also applies to trade fair presentations. At trade fairs, the number of competitors is significantly higher than in everyday business. Therefore, the customer or interested party should perceive your trade fair counters positively at first glance. Our promotion counters form the basis for a successful company presentation. A professional look and stable quality invite customers to linger at your trade fair counters. The promotion counters are quick to set up and not only offer a high-quality presentation surface for your advertising message. The back offers enough storage space to accommodate flyers, brochures or catalogues. On request, our promotion counters can also be equipped with sliding doors or a plug-in lock.

Quick, simple and visually appealing

Pop Up counters, sometimes also called folding counters, are simply indispensable for a successful trade fair presentation. The individualised folding counters put your trade fair counters in the visual spotlight. But our folding counters are not only visually impressive. Easy to transport and, above all, quick to set up, these are the unbeatable advantages of our folding counters. Simply open the transport case and transform it into a curved counter in just a few easy steps. An appealing presentation can be that simple. From the front, the high-quality graphics attract all eyes, while you have enough storage space for your equipment in the back.

Give your customers important information along the way

Make the most of the space available on your promotional counters to discreetly draw attention to your offers. Our counter displays ensure an optimal presentation of flyers, brochures and business cards. Important information about your company, products or services can be given to visitors with the help of the counter displays. In addition to counter displays, we also offer counter displays for presentation. Since counter displays should always be a customised presentation of your products and messages, we produce completely individualised counter displays for you. A high quality standard and innovative manufacturing processes make it possible for us to realise your completely customised presentation ideas.

Aldisplay - your competent provider for an individualised trade fair presentation

Thanks to its many years of experience, the Aldisplay team is able to offer you customised solutions for your trade fair counters. Take advantage of our experience and design a unique, individualised trade fair stand. Increase your visibility with our mobile flagpoles, high-quality BigPrints or with the help of light columns. You have many advertising media at your disposal to increase your visibility at a trade fair. All our advertising media are characterised not only by customised production. High quality and high-quality prints of your motifs are just as much a matter of course for us. Let us advise you on which advertising media are effective for your trade fair stand. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to create an effective and successful presentation for your company.