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Snap frame / poster frame in standard design

All snap frames in standard versions

ALDISPLAYS offers the right snap frame for every application. With our standard snap frames made of aluminium, you choose a robust frame that can withstand any load. The inserted posters can be changed quickly and without tools. When changing posters, simply fold out the profiles to the front, change the poster - and you're done!

Snap frames - the name

The hinged frame, also known as a clip-on frame, got its name from its movable aluminium top profiles. These are held in only two positions by built-in springs: open or closed. If the open profiles are moved over a certain angle, the tension of the spring takes hold and pulls the profile against the base and folds audibly shut. As the springs of our snap frames are made of stainless steel, the poster behind the anti-reflective film remains firmly enclosed for a long time, as the spring effect hardly wears off over the years and the spring does not rust.

Klapprahmen offen

Snap frames - the structure

The snap frames all have a similar construction. A hinged frame bottom profile, screwed together with metal corner connectors, is mounted in the appropriate format on a polystyrene or metal plate. The upper profiles of the hinged frame, which are mitred, are inserted there so that they can move and are then fitted with the steel springs. Our snap frames with RONDO corners are an exception here. Here, for purely optical reasons, we replace the mitres with curves.

Eloxierte Oberprofile

Anodised top profiles for long durability

Many of our standard snap frames are sold with silver anodised (EV1) top profiles in our shop. This anodised material has the advantage that, unlike aluminium, it does not tarnish, is easy to clean and therefore still looks like new after years. The colour silver is also more neutral to any other colour of the inserted poster or to the surroundings. This means that these snap frames can be used in all kinds of stylish surroundings. They have even found their way into picture frames.

Klapprahmen farbig

Now colour comes into play

For some time now, there have been more and more questions about coloured snap frames. Where a uniform design is required and the colour silver does not fit into the design concept, powder-coated snap frames previously had to be ordered in large quantities. Because only with large quantities is it worth converting the machines for a new colour. For this reason, we have recently added coloured snap frames to our range. Whether red, blue, gold-anodised (EV3) or black and white - you will find your coloured snap frame here. Of course, we also offer to coat the snap frames in the colour of your choice or company colour for larger quantities.

Klapprahmen Safety

Safety first

If you want to protect the snap frame from unintentional opening or theft, we recommend our Safety snap frames. Due to their special design, the top profiles can only be opened with the help of a special lever. This makes them the first choice for public applications such as at railway stations, in shopping centres or restaurants. These snap frames are manufactured in two profile sizes. In 20 mm and in 32 mm profile width, whereby the latter plays a role for larger formats.

Klapprahmen B1

Snap frames fire protection class B1

For higher requirements in terms of fire protection, our snap frame B1 fire protection class is used. In some cases, these are mandatory for public buildings such as schools, offices or airports. Unlike standard frames, the backs are not made of plastic but of sturdy sheet steel. In combination with the APET poster protection film, this snap frame fully complies with the B1 fire protection regulation.


Window snap frames

To ensure that your advertising cuts a fine figure behind glass, ALDISPLAYS uses our special hinged window frame. This is stuck to the inside of your window with a special adhesive tape and is ready for immediate use. As these snap frames have no rear wall, you can apply your advertising message on both sides. So that the adhesive surface of the window profile is not visible from the back, our window snap frames have four self-adhesive cover profiles which are counter-mounted on the back.


Top quality snap frames

Our snap frames are all protected by a UV-stabilising anti-reflective film. Your posters are thus protected for longer from harmful UV rays and from early fading of the poster used. All poster frames from ALDISPLAYS are neatly mitred at the corners or are also available with Rondo corners in many versions. All of them thus combine modern design with practical functionality in this variety.

Snap frames in many sizes, colours and profiles

All standard aluminium snap frames are available in the standard sizes Din A0, Din A1, Din, A2, Din A3, DIN A4, DIN A5, DIN A5, DIN A4 and Din A3 as well as in 500 x 700 and 700 mm x 1000 mm. Each with mitre (pointed corner) or with rondo corner (rounded) Special sizes and special colours can be ordered in bulk. You can also freely select the profile width from 15 mm to 32 mm for the standard snap frames. Our snap frames are available in the following formats:

Format Insertion format Weight Example
DIN A5: 148 x 210 mm 0,43 kg Standard profile 15 mm
DIN A4 210 x 297 mm 0,5 kg Standard profile 15 mm
DIN A3 297 x 420 mm 0,9 kg Standard profile 15 mm
DIN A2: 420 x 594 mm 1,3 kg Standard profile 15 mm
DIN A1: 594 x 841 mm 1,6 kg Standard profile 15 mm
70 x 100 cm 700 x 1000 mm 1,8 kg Standard profile 25 mm
50 x 70 cm 500 x 700 mm 3,7 kg Standard profile 25 mm

Subject to technical changes.