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Snap frame window

An eye-catcher for your shop window - the snap frame window

Our snap frames windows are available in the formats A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0.

ALDISPLAYS also has the right display for you when it comes to shop window advertising . The snap frame window is especially suitable for use on window panes or in shop windows - so that your advertising also cuts a good figure behind glass. With the help of the special adhesive tape attached to the back of the frame profiles, the snap frame is quickly and easily stuck to the window pane, and your high-quality poster frame is immediately in use. Especially for regularly changing poster campaigns, which require frequent changing of the advertising posters , the window snap frame is fabulously suitable - because changing the poster is done effortlessly and quickly thanks to our proven snap frame technology.

Features: UV-protected & incl. counter frame

The snap frame for window panes and shop windows is double-sided. From the outside, a counter frame is placed against it as a screen, which is included in the delivery. The UV-stabilised anti-reflective protective film protects your poster print from incident sunlight and allows the colours of your poster to shine for a long time (counter frame without protective film). As standard, you will receive the window snap frame with a mitred 25 profile and silver anodised.

Formats, colours and printing:

We supply the poster frame in the insert formats DIN A4 to DIN A0, as well as the common poster formats. Do you need a larger quantity? No problem - we can also supply large quantities directly from stock. And that's not all - if you order a larger quantity, we can offer you the production in special formats , as well as in different RAL colours, anodising and printed top profiles. Double-sided adhesive tape is attached to the back of the aluminium profile of our aluminium hinged window frames for lightning-fast installation. Furthermore, the display system does not contain a rear panel and is equipped with an anti-reflective protective film on the front. The top profiles are silver anodised as usual. When ordering a single snap frame, the display is packed in a practical polybag. If you order larger quantities, we will deliver the snap frames collectively packed in a cardboard box.

Note : This set contains two aluminium frames that are glued against each other on a disc.