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Wooden table display

Timelessly elegant - our wooden table displays

Wooden promotional displays allow companies to advertise their products and services in an effective yet discreet way. Thanks to the chalkboard surface that can be written on with chalk pens, the wooden promotional display is ideal for changing daily or weekly offers in the catering sector. The chalkboard is easy to write on with chalk and just as easy to clean again. Whether as a customer stopper or table display. With the wooden advertising stands, you can flexibly highlight promotions or special offers in a discreet way. Wooden advertising stands combine practical functionality and stability in one advertising medium.

Show your customers the way

Wooden stands can also be used as advertising and information media at events. Use the elegant wooden stands to communicate important information to your visitors. Or simply show your customers the way. Provide the customer stopper with an arrow pointing in the direction of your shop. A clear message such as "Open" in combination with a directional arrow also arouses the interest of passers-by.

Other ways to attract attention

In addition to classic customer stoppers and wooden display stands, other marketing tools also offer increased attention. Time and again, products or services are advertised in passages with the help of beach flags. The teardrop-shaped advertising flags are flexible for indoor and outdoor use. Combine different marketing tools to achieve a perfect outdoor presentation. Attract potential customers directly to you with attention-grabbing advertising media. Take advantage of our many years of experience. We will advise you on the best combination of advertising media. Of course, we will also take care of the high-quality printing, design, delivery and installation. Just get in touch with us.