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Glass showcases in many designs and formats

Glass showcases offer protection and at the same time an exclusive display option for collectors' items and valuable objects. Your treasures are kept safe by the glass fronts and yet can be viewed in their full beauty. These aspects make our glass display cases a universally applicable presentation option. Whether in your own business premises, exhibitions or on trade fair stands - our exhibition showcases can be used flexibly and blend stylishly into any environment.

Please note: due to transport reasons, we can only deliver our showcases to company addresses with the corresponding possibility of receiving goods when delivered by an articulated lorry, private households are excluded here.

Stylish and representative - glass showcases make it possible

Are you looking for an elegant way to present your products? Then our glass display cases, or showcases, are the right choice for you. Many shops use glass showcases in their retail outlets to display exclusive products. Through the glass fronts, the products are clearly visible from all sides and yet effectively protected from dirt, dust and theft. In our range we have a variety of glass showcases that are suitable for representative use in the shop. The glass used in all model showcases is certified safety glass. To ensure additional protection against unauthorised access, all model showcases can be optionally equipped with a lock. To ensure additional storage space, some design showcases also have base cabinets. Here, brochures, flyers or additional information on the displayed goods can be stored. If you don't want to do without the advantages of a display case despite the small amount of space, you should take a look at our hanging display case. Our wall-mounted showcase is both attractive and stable, and offers you an elegant way to present your products.

Glass display cases for public and private exhibitors

Glass display cases are also very often used by public authorities or museums. Thanks to the glass fronts, old and valuable exhibits can be presented in a highly visible and protected manner, especially in museums. As a visitor, you have the opportunity to admire these pieces from all sides without touching them. The exhibition showcase gives museums the opportunity to make exhibits accessible to a wide audience. But without having to fear damage to the treasures. Glass display cases for collectors are also frequently found in the private sector. Hobby collectors use them to display their valuable pieces in a protected way. Often it is not a question of theft protection, but rather of protecting the pieces from dust and other environmental influences in the long term. Whether exhibition or collector's showcase - all our glass showcases are supplied as standard with semi-circular aluminium profiles on the sides. Optionally, our models can be equipped with halogen spotlights. In this way, the precious treasures are shown off to their best advantage even in dim light.

Display cabinets - the ideal combination

Display cabinets can be an ideal combination with our showcases. Attractive in appearance and design, our display cabinets blend harmoniously into the overall picture. Here, important notices or further information on the exhibits find the right place. All our display cases can also be equipped with LED lighting, just like our showcases. Displaying information well illuminated - this is possible with our showcases.

Standard or exclusive?

Whether you are looking for a hanging showcase, a collector's showcase, an exhibition showcase or a design showcase - we have the right glass showcases for you in our extensive shop range. All showcases can be delivered quickly in the usual standard sizes. But even if you are looking for an individual solution, we are the right contact for you. Based on our many years of experience and the combination of our know-how, we design your individual solution. Especially according to your wishes and needs. Just contact us, we will find the right solution for you.