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Flyer stand

Flyer stand

Flyers can be used in a variety of ways. With the classic print medium you can advertise regionally as well as nationally. Seasonal sales, discount campaigns, new product launches - you can pass on all this information to your customers in a targeted manner with a flyer. The handy format is one of the greatest strengths of a flyer. It is a quick way to present sales-promoting information to customers, which the customer can easily pocket or pass on. In terms of price, too, the flyer is an absolute favourite among advertising measures. The costs for printing, design and production are significantly lower than for other print media. However, in order for the flyer to be noticed, it must be presented in an appealing way. Our flyer stands offer you the best possibility for a representative and stylish presentation.

Use our flyer stands for trade fair events

For many companies, trade fair appearances are an important part of their marketing strategy, as they offer an indispensable, direct link to customers and consumers. A successful trade fair appearance remains in the minds of visitors for a long time. However, trade fairs are also a good opportunity to provide customers with information. Flyers, brochures or service descriptions give customers the opportunity to contact companies even after the trade fair. Display your flyers and brochures in a clearly visible place and invite customers to take them with them. With our flyer stand, or our brochure stand, you will succeed in stylishly representing your print media. Whether as a table stand or as a stand-alone version - with our flyer stand, your print media are always in the customer's field of vision.

Table displays from Aldisplay

An attractive presentation is important to ensure that your flyers are seen and taken home. If the flyers are only loosely displayed on the table or counter, they are unlikely to arouse interest. Our attractive table stands made of clear polystyrene, on the other hand, will arouse interest. The flyer stands are characterised by a clear design and high quality. With an adapter, the flyer stands are suitable for table placement and, thanks to 2 keyhole drillings, also for wall mounting. The shapely stand for flyers is also available in large quantities from stock. If you order more than 50 pieces, we will be happy to customise them for you. We will provide the flyer stands with your very own personal advertising imprint. Use our stands to have the print media stored in them quickly at hand.

Combine your flyer stands with our brochure stands - for eye-catching advertising.

In our large assortment you will not only find flyer stands to present your print media in an appealing way. In addition to the stands, we also offer you many advertising materials that can be combined well and attract attention. For example, our brochure stands are a good complement to our stands for flyers. The combination of a company or product brochure in combination with a flyer stand, printed according to your specifications, has proven to be extremely effective in the advertising world. To draw customers' attention to your print media in front of the shop, many retail companies use so-called customer stoppers. These classic advertising media are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Quick to set up and take down, customer stoppers arouse interest and motivate passers-by to enter your shop. A customer stopper can be easily combined and always looks professional and impressive. Take advantage of our many years of experience and let us advise you competently about our flyer stands, brochure stands and customer stoppers.