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The sale of goods, products or services forms the basis for every business. So from a business perspective, there is a continuous interest in increasing sales. However, a good product is not enough to increase sales. Appropriate marketing measures are necessary. To determine an effective marketing strategy, the advertising department meets. Here, strategies are developed, ideas are discussed, the advantages and disadvantages of the individual advertising media are weighed. Often the question also arises as to what budget the company can afford. But how can all the different questions and answers be recorded? The best way is on a flip chart, because facts can be quickly sketched and, if necessary, quickly erased. Cross-connections between individual measures can be shown quickly and clearly.

Flipchart and whiteboard at the same time

Flipcharts have always proved their worth for creative idea production. Quickly sketched and, if necessary, wiped off again - information of all kinds can be presented quickly and clearly on the flipchart. Our ECO flip chart is a flip chart and whiteboard in one. The board surface of the Flipchart for Business can be written on and is magnetic at the same time. This means that information can not only be displayed, but also attached to the flipchart by posters or similar. The continuously height-adjustable tripod ensures a firm stand. With the Flipchart for Business, you can present up to 3 sheets of paper at the same time thanks to the 2 swivel arms. Take a look at our accessories before you buy this flip chart. Besides magnets in different colours, we recommend our starter set. In addition to the magnets, the starter set includes markers, a sponge and a cleaner.

Create a modern presentation and information system for yourself.

Complement the Flipchart for Business with our Whiteboard Premium and create a modern presentation and information system. The highly functional Whiteboard Premium is suitable for indoor use and can be mounted on the wall to save space. The aluminium profile frame blends harmoniously into any environment. As the aluminium profile frame is connected with rounded plastic corners, the risk of injury can also be minimised. The enamelled surface is magnetic and can be written on with whiteboard markers. The whiteboard has a storage tray so that you can quickly have markers, magnets or cleaning sponges at hand. You can easily order the corresponding accessories such as magnets, different coloured pens and a magnetic whiteboard sponge in our shop.

Choose the right model

If you would like to buy a flip chart, then you are guaranteed to find the right flip chart for your needs in our extensive range. Simply choose, order your flip chart and get it delivered quickly. If you are looking for a whiteboard to match your flip chart, you will also quickly find what you are looking for in our shop. In our extensive range, you can choose from many model variants, in landscape as well as portrait format. We offer the right whiteboard for every budget. Our whiteboards with a lacquered steel surface are among the affordable entry-level models. In contrast, our premium whiteboards have an enamelled surface.
When you order a whiteboard or flipchart, you also order the matching accessories. Coloured whiteboard markers, magnets, magnetic sponges or a complete starter set - you can find them all in our shop.