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Showcases are enjoying ever-increasing popularity, because with the help of showcases, products can be vividly presented. Like no other advertising medium, showcases emphasise the value of the objects presented. Present collector's items, special products or valuable exhibits in a noble look. But above all, protected. Protected from unauthorised access to your exhibit. A display case also offers protection against damage, dust or excessive light radiation.

Please note: Due to transport reasons, we can only deliver our showcases to company addresses with the corresponding possibility to accept goods when delivered by an articulated lorry, private households are excluded here.

Underline the value of your exhibits

High-quality showcases with an elegant look underline the value of the objects presented and contribute to a harmonious and attractive overall effect. We offer a wide variety of showcases, ranging from floor-standing models, corner showcases to hanging showcases in different sizes. Present your collectibles and treasures spread over several shelves and make them a showpiece in the display case: behind glass, collectibles and sales offers appear even more valuable and are shown to their best advantage in all their exclusivity and elegance. Our corner showcases and wall showcases offer you presentation options even for the smallest space requirements.

Showcase models for every requirement

Exhibition showcases can often be admired during a visit to a museum. Rare and valuable exhibits are presented clearly visible in the model showcase. Visitors can admire rare exhibits extensively from all sides through the glass fronts without having to touch each one. In this way, the exhibits are made accessible to a wide audience without having to fear damage. The advantages of these exhibition showcases have also proven themselves in the private sector. Although the exhibition showcase is called a collector's showcase here, the purpose is the same. Private collectors use the collector's showcase to present valuable pieces to visitors in a representative but protected manner. All our model showcases are supplied as standard with half-round aluminium profiles on the sides. This appealing design allows our showcases to blend harmoniously into any environment. Our corner showcases or wall showcases are ideal for small spaces.

Present valuable pieces at the trade fair

Showcases are also becoming increasingly popular at trade fairs because high-quality products can be vividly presented here. In this way, trade fair visitors can get close to the exclusive products without having to fear that they will be damaged. Our design showcases can be used functionally for any trade fair presentation, which makes them a universally applicable means of presentation. To ensure safety, our design showcases are made of high-quality safety glass. So that you have protection and security for the objects to be presented, it is possible to lock various model showcases.

With us you have the choice

If you are looking for the right display case, you will find it here. You will find high-quality design showcases in various designs. All our showcase models are supplied as standard with lateral, semi-circular aluminium profiles and sturdy door hinges. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety for your valuable exhibits or collectors' items, we only use ESG safety glass. ESG safety glass, also known as toughened safety glass, consists of a single, specially heat-treated pane that has increased impact and shock resistance compared to normal glass. If you have limited space, but still don't want to do without the advantages of a showcase, our corner showcases or wall showcases are ideal. Our corner showcases, like all other showcases, are stable and equipped with ESG safety glass. On request, we can also equip your corner showcases with a matching base cabinet. The optional LED lighting of our corner showcases also provides special visual highlights. Evenly illuminated, your exhibits become real eye-catchers.