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Digital customer stopper

Digital signage novelty - digital customer stoppers in various sizes.

The concept of the customer stopper is not new, but has been used for many years by traders, service providers and retailers. The much-used display system is a big seller both indoors and outdoors, attracting the attention of visitors, customers and passers-by. Because the display is so successful and efficiently supports many traders in selling their own products and services, the digital customer stopper has suddenly conquered the display market.

Digital signage has only become an affordable advertising option for small and medium-sized businesses in the last few years. Indoors, the advertising display is particularly well suited for installation in waiting areas and entrance areas, i.e. where your visitors and customers may be staying for a somewhat longer period of time. But the digital displays also cut a fine figure at the point of sale, bringing a new breeze into your sales rooms or showroom.

We only use Samsung business monitors.

Samsung Business Monitor

Digital customer stoppers - incl. Full HD, LED display and much more.

The digital customer stoppers from ALDISPLAYS have a lot to offer. Whether Full HD, Samsung LED display, the integrated S4 Player with a Quadcore CPU, 3D Engine - the digital customer stoppers leave virtually no customer wishes unfulfilled. Choose one of our three models. Should it be the 32", the 43" or the PREMIUM model? Decide here according to your needs and intended use. The devices support a wide range of file formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF or AVI. Are you planning to use several digital signage systems? Then it is worth considering operating the devices together with a content management system (CMS). Download the free MagicInfo Express software for your Mac or PC from our download area. With our experience, we also have many valuable tips, tricks and hints in store. Contact us and let our service team advise you in detail.