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Digital floor displays

Terminal Display: Digital communication made easy

Today, digital communication is everywhere in the world of advertising - and so modern terminal displays are becoming more and more common. Terminal displays reproduce digital media content and can be completely tailored to a company or institution. Advertising and information can thus be placed directly at the point of sale or at the point of information.

The Terminal Display offers companies a wide range of possibilities. The terminal is realised as a wall terminal for space-saving mounting on the wall, or as a stand terminal to be placed on a stand. The display can be used to show a wide range of information and offer services. User-friendly and cost-effective terminals, individually tailored to companies, are offered by Aldisplays in many variants.

Terminal displays for advertising and information

Aldisplays develops terminal displays for its customers that meet their individual requirements and wishes down to the last detail. As an innovative system for digital communication, the terminals can be placed as advertising or information offers, flexibly set up and equipped. An extensive range of options makes it possible to tailor each terminal display directly to a company and thus benefit from advertising without wastage.

In addition to terminal displays, Aldisplays also develops many other digital signage systems for companies that enrich the modern marketing mix and promise sustainable advertising success. Digital signage systems can also be used in a variety of ways to build and strengthen an image and provide companies with adaptable solutions.

Digital POS display: targeted communication

More and more companies rely on digital communication to draw the attention of their target group to themselves, their services and products. So-called digital signage systems have become increasingly important in recent years and are used by retailers as well as banks, public authorities or companies at trade fairs and events. Directly at the point of sale (POS), a digital POS display offers many possibilities to place advertising or to provide customers with further information. Today, a digital POS display fits perfectly into a modern marketing mix.

Digital POS Display for sales promotion and image building

A digital POS display can fulfil a wide variety of functions. For example, customers can be informed about news - but there is also a certain sustainability associated with the use of a modern information terminal. Customers who are addressed by a digital POS display often remember the company behind it even better and more vividly.

Aldisplays offers companies the development of high-quality and innovative digital signage systems - including the digital POS display. Whether with or without touchscreen function, as a stand-alone solution or as a network application - every form of terminal display can be realised. If desired, customers can also receive professional installation from Aldisplays. The digital POS display offers many possibilities and can be optimally tailored to the individual requirements of a company.