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Floor brochure stand

Floor brochure stands

Brochure stands & information stands - present brochures magnificently

Every trader has them, every service provider has them, and it is impossible to imagine trade fairs, the point of sale and even promotional campaigns without them - advertising materials such as brochures, catalogues, flyers and business cards. If you want to make an impression as a trader and remind consumers or customers of your own company in the face of the abundance of competitors, you have the right advertising material to go for your visitors and customers at all times. Especially at trade fairs, when exhibition stands are heavily frequented by visitors, numerous flyers and brochures pass over the promotion counter. At the point of sale, the small advertising leaflets are preferably presented in stands provided for this purpose. Especially here, but also on your own trade fair stand, brochure stands and information stands absolutely pay off. They skilfully showcase the company's own catalogues, brochures and flyers and give them the attention they really deserve.

Information stands with integrated snap frames - more than just a display stand

Our range is equipped with many different presentation options for your brochures, catalogues and flyers. Among the numerous displays, we not only have the classic version of the brochure stand in stock. We also offer the display in a Zikzak variant, as well as in a variant with a particularly noble design. Our information stands not only present your advertising posters indoors. They can also be equipped with a practical brochure holder. In this way, you can attract the attention of your customers with the help of the poster presentation and offer them the relevant information material straight away if they are interested. Our ELLIPSE brochure stand also offers you the option of displaying and presenting larger catalogues and brochures. We also offer single- and double-sided versions and leave it up to you to decide on an additional optional top sign. The possibilities are endless and we have the right brochure solution for almost every taste.