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Sales promotion marketing: sales promotion measures

Sales promotion measures: marketing effectively - Sales promotion encompasses all measures that are temporary and designed to optimise sales results. Today, there are numerous ways to conduct sales promotion - directly at the point of sale as well as in advance.

Studies show that about every second consumer collects offers and informs himself about promotions in advance before he goes on a shopping tour. This means that sales promotion measures can be initiated well before the customer enters the shop - for example, by placing advertisements in print media or announcing promotions on the website, or by running radio or TV commercials. The provision of vouchers and discount vouchers via websites or print media also serves to promote sales and can be designed in a variety of ways and coordinated with the most diverse campaigns.


Sales promotion at the POS

Further sales promotion measures can be introduced directly at the point of sale. For example, vouchers can be handed out directly at the point of sale, flyers with current promotions and offers can be distributed, or posters can be hung up to draw attention to various products and product groups. Acrylic flyer stands and dispensers are suitable for this purpose.


Measures for the outdoor area

Customer stoppers have proven their worth outdoors and can be placed directly in front of the shop entrance or at a distance to attract attention. Loyalty bonuses and raffle promotions are just as effective for sales promotion marketing as free gifts for purchased products. For quick handwritten advertising messages, wooden customer stoppers with chalkboards are also suitable. These are particularly popular in the catering industry.

Digital Signage

Digital signage at the POS

Digital signage is relatively new in this area. With a digital customer stopper, you can also advertise current offers in the entrance area. The advantage here is that the posters change automatically and the moving image attracts much more attention. The result is a significant increase in sales. Digital information pill ars can also be set up inside the shop to present your advertising message in a stylish way. Digital posters on ceilings and walls can promote your branding.

Print and digital advertising go hand in hand today: for example, display stands, poster frames and catalogue holders that showcase print advertising media are complemented by interactive terminals and displays that can present different content.