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Sales Promotion Definition: What is sales promotion?

Sales promotion refers to all marketing measures that are limited in time and aim to improve sales results. The time limit distinguishes the measures assigned to sales promotion from advertising measures: While classical advertising is more concerned with propagating a reason to buy in the first place, sales promotion focuses on the goal of completing or specifically promoting the act of buying.What is sales promotion and who is it aimed at?

Sales promotion measures can be directed at consumers as well as at retailers or sales representatives. With regard to consumers, sales promotions are about increasing the number of first-time buyers and repeat buyers and boosting sales figures. With so-called trade promotions, on the other hand, the focus is on offering the trade a special reason why it should decide in favour of a certain product or offer it more. They also include special measures to promote increased sales of products. So-called staff promotions, which are aimed at the sales force, are intended to strengthen motivation and promote direct sales.

Sales promotion: measures

Sales promotion measures are manifold. Aimed at consumers, these measures include events such as trade fairs or sales exhibitions, as well as shop and decoration aids ranging from customer stoppers and poster frames, promotional counters and folding displays to signage and digital signage systems. The expansion of merchandising systems, the improvement of ordering and procurement possibilities as well as discounts in kind and temporary purchase discounts are also measures that take place within the framework of sales promotion towards consumers. Free samples, vouchers, refund and special price offers are common measures designed to promote sales

Intelligent sales promotion campaigns contribute to the success of a company and provide a boost to new customer business as well as to the strengthening of regular customers. Sales promotion measures also have a great influence when it comes to image building. For this purpose, various actions are often combined to form a larger measure that appears in a harmonious overall picture.