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The Samsung MagicInfo Server

If you have distributed your digital signage displays from ALDISPLAYS GmbH to several locations, this is where the Samsung MagicInfo Server comes into play. The server programme is available here as a free download and runs on Windows 10 Pro and Windows Server from V2012.

The Samsung MagicInfo Server is one of the best (powerful) tools for your digital signage tasks. Not only does it allow you to create content with MagicInfo Author and play out your advertising to the respective displays at the exact time, but it also allows you to monitor and control your displays in real time. You can combine different displays in groups, assign different roles with dedicated tasks (e.g. content uploader) to your employees, and, and, and...

The Lite version

In the Lite version of this server, 25 licences (devices) are available to you free of charge, each additional device costs approx. 140,-€*/display (Lite licence). In this version you can only play out pictures (JPG) and videos (MP4) in various schedules. For many areas of application, this version is usually sufficient, as content can often be provided ready-made by agencies.

The Unified Premium Licence

Previously, there were basically four different server modes: MagicInfo Lite, MagicInfo Premium S and i and MagicInfo VideoWall. Samsung has now combined the latter three into one "Unified Premium Licence". While in the Lite version only ready-made pictures and videos in a few formats can be used, with the Premium version (Premium S= SOC player of the displays) you also get the browser-based MagicInfo Web-Author for quick layouts and the Premium-Author, in which you can create your own multi-page - also animated - content similar to PowerPoint. Furthermore, only in the Premium version do you have the option of a database connection (formerly Premium I), which automatically updates e.g. price updates and other dynamic content. Other data formats such as PowerPoint, Word etc. are also only available here (to a limited extent). With this licence you get a complete remote maintenance option for all your devices. With the Premium version, a licence fee of approx. 350,-€*/display (Premium Unified licence) is charged once for each of the screens used.

The MagicInfo Videowall Licence

With the Videowall licence you have the possibility to play video content in Full-HD distributed on several displays. You can determine the number of displays and their arrangement. Thus, several displays can be arranged in a square to form a large video wall or all monitors can be arranged next to each other to form a (running) band. This is also included in the Unified licence.

The server hardware

For the Windows Server, a minimum system requirement of 2GB Ram, 2C processor from Samsung is specified. However, for better performance especially with the web author, I would prefer to budget a little more. Where you install the Samsung server is up to you. For example, we outsource the MagicInfo server to a German server service provider. This costs a few euros per month, but in return you are guaranteed the performance, data security and possible scalability that you should always keep in mind with such systems.

However, if your company does not have any trained staff or server capacity available and would prefer to outsource the server and content management completely for security reasons, please contact us. We will provide you with a non-binding individual offer for hosting the server and managing your digital signage content and displays.

Yours Stefan Kröll

Prices are subject to fluctuations on the part of the manufacturer and decrease depending on the number of licences purchased.