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PoS Marketing: The Point of Sale and its Role in Marketing

Advertising directly at the point of sale - The point of sale has an important role in marketing today. It has long since ceased to be sufficient to simply place products on the shelf to actually drive sales successfully. Rather, modern strategies are needed to bring products, offers and promotions into the focus of customers and interested parties. The majority of consumers only make their final purchase decision on the spot - so it is all the more important to make it easier for the prospective customer to make a decision with targeted PoS marketing and to carry out effective sales promotion at the point of sale.

Point of sale marketing refers to all marketing measures directly at the point of sale. This includes outdoor advertising through customer stoppers or attractive shop window design as well as advertising placed directly in the shop. Today there are numerous possibilities for effective PoS marketing. Attractive offers and promotions with which companies stand out from their competitors are thus more in the focus of customers and promise more success.

Find out in our guide how materials for the point of sale can be designed, which contents are suitable and how the material can be positioned. Read which PoS campaigns are available and how you can effectively introduce sales promotion measures. Examples for a successful design of the Point of Sale as well as for targeted sales promotion round off our guide section.

Today, the point of sale is more than just a sales location: it is also an important factor in marketing and can be designed in a variety of ways to suit individual needs. Make more of your offers and draw the attention of your customers and potential customers to specific product groups, products, offers and promotions.