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PoS advertising media: What content for advertising at the point of sale?

PoS advertising media: Content suitable for the point of sale - Even in times of flourishing online business, the point of sale has an important role to play in the advertising sector. As the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK) found out in a study, 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the PoS. It is therefore all the more important to place appropriate advertising here that acts as an impulse generator. Numerous PoS advertising media are available today and make it easy for retailers to do effective marketing and persuasion work on customers directly at the point of sale.

PoS media or PoS advertising materials have a decisive advantage over other types of advertising: they are not perceived as advertising, but rather as a recommendation of the respective shop. Accordingly, advertising at the point of sale receives more attention. Content suitable for the point of sale is diverse and can be individually adapted to the respective assortment and the shop. Posters to be put up, hung on the wall or suspended from the ceiling are particularly frequently used to draw attention to certain products or product groups. The most important thing here is to design the PoS advertising material in an eye-catching and interesting way, with regard to the text as well as the graphic presentation. Actionistic and striking colour codes, for example, provide a signal effect, as do action fields and information symbols.

If PoS media are placed outdoors, they should also have a good long-distance effect in order to attract attention from afar. In order to stand out from competing offers, PoS advertising media should put the brand logo in the focus and distinguish themselves through individuality.

In addition to classic PoS advertising media such as posters and banners, digital signage systems are becoming increasingly important at the point of sale. They can also be filled with new content at short notice and used flexibly. PoS vouchers are also an asset in many sectors to promote sales directly at the point of sale and to lure customers with attractive discounts and promotions.