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PoS materials: What is important in design and presentation?

Designing PoS materials: What matters - Today, the point of sale is not only a pure sales location - it is also part of a successful marketing mix by actively promoting sales and advertising here as well. It is precisely the advertising that is presented directly at the PoS that is often decisive for whether a buyer decides in favour of a product. This makes it all the more important to carefully select PoS materials and to plan marketing directly at the point of sale.

PoS materials are special advertising media designed to be used directly at the point of sale. The possibilities today are diverse and range from flyers, brochures and leaflets to large-format posters and billboards, displays and printed mobile walls. In addition to an effective and appropriate content design, it is also important to give your PoS materials a framework: instead of simply displaying brochures, flyers or leaflets on the sales counter, for example, it is a good idea to present them in a special brochure holder or leaflet holder to attract more attention with the advertising materials. Posters or billboards also look better and are of higher quality if they are not just stuck to the wall or shop window with adhesive tape, but are attractively presented in a poster frame or billboard frame. With the appropriate presentation system, many PoS materials can also be used outdoors, so that posters and billboards can be displayed in a customer stopper in front of a shop entrance or on the pavement.

PoS materials are an efficient marketing tool that, when cleverly placed and presented, attract the attention of prospective customers and promote sales and the brand. When planning, it is important not only to look at individual PoS materials, but to create a harmonious overall image that takes into account the respective advertising or sales campaign and reflects the company in its individual characteristics. A distinction must also be made in the presentation between PoS material that the customer is to take away and material that is to be given a permanent place. Today, there are suitable presentation systems for every type of advertising that give the PoS material its desired effect and allow it to come into better focus.