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PoS actions: Which activities are successful at the point of sale

Which actions are possible at the point of sale - Today, the point of sale plays a decisive role in the marketing mix. Here it is important to promote sales with various targeted PoS activities and to give the right impulse to customers who are still undecided. Various PoS activities can be carried out today, depending on the industry and business, and give companies a lot of leeway to let individuality and creativity shine through despite classic methods.

PoS activities are manifold. Especially campaigns that provide orientation for the consumer are promising, since many customers often seem overwhelmed by an overabundance of products. Today, it is possible to satisfy the desire for simplification and clarity with various PoS campaigns that ensure a pleasant shopping atmosphere as well as effective sales promotion. Informative and emotionally effective advertising measures are equally possible.

For example, the shop window is a good place to focus on a PoS promotion. Discount offers can be advertised here as well as small "appetisers" for exclusive products. Next to the entrance, current flyers can be displayed that give an overview of the current promotions. If the shop offers shopping trolleys, an activating product message can also be placed there, which accompanies the customer the entire way through the shop. If there are service counters inside the shop, displays with creative advertising can shorten the waiting time - as well as directly at the sales counter - and possibly entice customers to make further purchases in the last few minutes.

PoS promotions can include not only classic advertising materials, but also special sell-out campaigns that significantly boost sales. These include, for example, collective promotions or premium and loyalty campaigns, joint or cross promotions. In-pack and on-pack allowances also promote sales - especially if these are also pointed out on posters or displays at the PoS.

Successful PoS activities are eye-catching and individual. They attract the customer's attention from afar and arouse interest by presenting the tried and tested in a new way.