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Here you will find collected information on topics related to the point of sale, advertising systems for sales promotion, shopfitting, decoration and promotion.

With the help of professional advertising technology, you create visual messages and thus draw the consumer's attention to your company and your offers. At ALDISPLAYS you will find countless products from the field of advertising technology. These will appeal to, fascinate and inspire your customers. We use the latest technology and materials for our advertising technology. All our products are of high quality and, together with our customer service, guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. No matter what you are looking for, with us you will find the solution Whether display systems, advertising boards, lettering or digital printing, in the field of advertising technology, we at ALDISPLAYS can supply the right product for almost any requirement.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the combination of know-how and modern technology, we will also find the right solution for you. A foldable brochure stand is particularly suitable for use during special promotions, as it can be stored in a space-saving way when not in use. Another advantage is that it can be conveniently taken along to trade fairs and exhibitions, as a foldable brochure stand takes up little space during transport. In addition to the foldable form, the brochure stand is also offered as a fixed zigzag stand. A foldable brochure stand is made of acrylic and is available in 4x DIN A4 and 8x DIN A4 versions. The model made of wood leaves a particularly high-quality impression thanks to its material.

The ideal presentation for your brochures

A foldable brochure stand from Aldisplays proves to be the ideal place to present your brochures and leaflets when in use. The transparency of the acrylic material used allows customers to quickly get an overview of the information material on offer. The foldable brochure stand made of wood is not transparent, but its cleverly chosen shape allows immediate recognition of the materials offered there. We recommend this foldable brochure stand made of wood especially for the promotion of exclusive products, as this material speaks for the high quality of the displayed brochures as well as for the value of the advertised goods. Our foldable brochure stand makes it easy to see the desired fonts. Likewise, the number of brochures left in each individual compartment can be seen at a single glance, making it very easy to add more in good time.

Here at ALDISPLAYS, one of the leading suppliers of advertising displays in Germany, you will find the right display system for every purpose. Our large selection and our favourable prices will convince you. Appeal to your customers Advertising displays appeal to customers and are therefore indispensable for every shop owner. Whether it's a simple customer stopper or a light box, we have everything you need to attract attention indoors and outdoors. From customer stoppers to trade fair stands We fulfil almost every wish for our customers, from customer stoppers to trade fair stands. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer a wide range of different solutions that will put your company in the best possible light. In addition to simple and inexpensive standard models, we also offer display systems adapted to your intended use.

Advertising banners are among the most important advertising media of all, and their range of use extends far beyond trade fairs and congresses. As displays in public spaces or in shop windows, advertising banners are indispensable in most industries and draw attention to current offers, products and services over large areas. The diversity of advertising banners is not only due to the individual design, which is coordinated with a corporate design, but also in eye-catching shapes and sizes. A look at our online range will also show you how diverse modern advertising banners are and how they can be used in a particularly eye-catching way for the purposes of your company. Purchase high-quality advertising banners

The creative possibilities of contemporary advertising banners are almost unlimited and give you every freedom by means of modern digital printing processes. A current advertising campaign with high-resolution images and snappy slogans can find just as much space on an advertising banner as factual information about your company and your products. At trade fairs and congresses, the combination of advertising effect and informative presentation is usually desired, which is why advertising banners are an absolute standard for your own presentation. Due to the simple construction and safe transport of all our advertising banners, they will be used for your company for many months and accompany you on numerous occasions. Design advertising banners according to your own wishes A look at our range quickly shows you the variety of modern advertising banners as a high-quality advertising medium for your company. In addition to high and rectangular versions, which can be simply hung in corresponding displays as roll-ups, our advertising banners with special dimensions and formats ensure additional, interested looks at any kind of event. All advertising banners from our range are available at a fair price, which of course also applies to the digital printing of your campaigns. With an advertising banner from our range, you can use one of the most important advertising media of all.