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What is PoP?

The point of purchase, or PoP for short, is the place of purchase from the consumer's point of view. In principle, it denotes the same as the point of sale, which defines the point of sale from the supplier's point of view. Thus, the point of purchase is widely considered to be the shop, a shopping centre or other collection of shops, but in a narrower sense it refers to the place where goods are directly offered - i.e. also shelves in which products are placed, sales gondolas, sales tables and counters. Strictly speaking, the point of purchase is the cash desk of a shop where the purchase is made.

The Point of Purchase in Marketing

As the interface between company and customer, the point of purchase has become increasingly important in marketing. Today, so-called PoP marketing plays an important role in sales promotion. This type of marketing includes all measures that direct the consumer's focus on the products on offer, arouse interest and entice him to make a purchase. In order to make the point of purchase appealing and attractive, various means are used and measures are taken today. The offers are aligned with the consumer's walkways and staged, for example, with displays, lighting and attention-grabbing advertising in poster or billboard frames.

The point of purchase is viewed holistically in marketing. It is not only considered more narrowly than the place where goods are directly offered, but also includes shop windows or the outside area of a company in the advertising and sales promotion measures. Well-placed customer stoppers in front of the entrance area, for example, thus also fall under PoP marketing and aim to draw the consumer's attention to specific products and offers.

Point of purchase marketing is aimed at enticing impulse purchases, winning new customers and keeping regular customers interested. PoP marketing is also used for image building, for example to make certain quality claims or company philosophies clear and thus to attract the attention of a certain target group.