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Poster frames as picture frames with folding function

Back to the basics - Present photos in large format with poster frames

Smartphones, tablets & and so-called convertibles are on the rise in both the private and business sectors. In the field of photography, digital photo frames are becoming more and more popular. But the good old photo on photo paper and thus conventional picture frames are also getting a new boost. This is because they are becoming more and more exclusive media, both in the private and professional spheres.

Plakatrahmen Klapprahmen

Using poster frames as picture frames - a really good idea

Classic picture frames are often either very expensive or, on the other hand, very poorly made and don't really stand up to much. Once you have hung up a picture, you want to enjoy it for a long time, but you also want to be able to change it quickly and easily if you want to. However, this is not always so easy with the frequently used tensioning mechanisms. The locking mechanism wears out quickly and usually gives up the ghost after the second exchange. That's when we had an idea. Why not use our poster frames and snap frames as classic picture frames? No sooner said than done. And what seemed to make sense at first thought was quickly confirmed: With their professional folding technology, the snap frames from ALDISPLAYS are designed to be used in the medium to long term. Changing posters from time to time is no problem for the system, nor is the occasional change of location. With the different profile sizes and the many different RAL colours of our poster frames , there are no limits to the varied presentation of your personal favourite pictures in large format.

Advertising technology for the home - poster frames, chalkboards & co.

A closer look at our product range reveals even more. Poster frames are not only ideal for use as picture frames. Our chalkboards, whiteboards and flipcharts can also be transformed into little helpers for private use. Our chalkboards, whiteboards and flipcharts are simply perfect as write-on boards for flat-sharing communities or families with children. The matching chalk markers are available in different colours and can be wiped away in no time. Try it out and test our snap frames, chalkboards or whiteboards in your household. You will be just as convinced as we were.