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Cleaning and maintenance instructions for poster frames

Just a few steps to a well-maintained poster frame - tips on cleaning and maintenance.

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Poster frames come in many different sizes and price categories, but as a rule, virtually all of these presentation systems are made of powder-coated or anodised aluminium. The soft light metal is particularly in demand for medium to long-term poster presentation. This short article tells you what you should pay particular attention to when caring for aluminium frames.

Aluminium - a scratch-prone and soft light metal.

Common poster frames are very often equipped with aluminium profiles that give the display systems a shiny silvery appearance. The more regularly and carefully the material is cleaned, the longer it will retain its shine and appeal. And this is how it's done:


Which cleaner is the right one?

Before you start cleaning the system with a cleaner, it is extremely useful to rinse the profiles with cold or lukewarm water first. Do not use water that is too warm or too hot, as the surface becomes very susceptible to external damage if the temperature is too high. If you would now like to remove more stubborn dirt, we strongly recommend using a mild and ph-neutral soap. Cleaners that are outside of this neutral range can cause chemical reactions on the anodised surface, resulting in ugly stains. After cleaning with soap, the frame should be rinsed thoroughly with clear water to avoid soap residues.

What aids can be used?

If you have to deal with extremely stubborn stains, do not use brushes or scratching objects or cleaning or scouring agents. All you need is a little patience. Soak the dirt for a sufficiently long time and even coarse dirt can be removed effortlessly. Under no circumstances should you clean the frames with a high-pressure cleaner or a steam jet. On the one hand, the aluminium surface is too sensitive, and on the other hand, seals, which are mainly installed in poster frames for outdoor use, can be damaged.

Can scratches be repaired?

Unfortunately, despite careful handling, it is not always possible to avoid scratching aluminium poster frames. Our silver anodised systems are usually so precisely and thinly coated that touching them up with touch-up pens is not an option. Once it has happened, you cannot make the scratches disappear completely, but the surface can be made even again with very light pressure using a very fine grinding stone.

How often should I clean?

The cleaning interval depends on the location of the frame. The more traffic there is or the more external influences act on the display, the more dust, soot and other dirt will accumulate on it. Regularly check the condition of your poster frames and clean your advertising systems 2 - 5 times a year, depending on your needs. Decide at your own discretion how often your poster frames should be cleaned. Our tip: It is better to clean once too often than once too little.

Cleaning anti-reflective film - How is it done?

The anti-reflective protective films that all our poster frames are equipped with are extremely easy to clean. Use hot or warm water with as little lime as possible and clean the surface with a lint-free cloth. For coarser dirt, a standard household cleaner will do. Always rinse thoroughly with clean water to avoid leaving any residue.