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Expanded product range for prevention and information

In this extraordinary situation, our team at ALDISPLAYS© has thought about how we can help our customers in this crisis. For this reason, we have created a completely new category "Protection from Corona / Covid19", where you will find new products for prevention against droplet infection on an ongoing basis, as well as many other products that you will need to continue/reopen during this time. With the exception of purely medical products with protection classifications, which should be reserved for the many employees and helpers in the health sector, you will find everything here to ensure the ongoing operation of your business in compliance with the necessary protective measures. Should new knowledge on how to combat the coronavirus become established in the course of the crisis, we will of course add new products to this category to match.

Spuck- und Hustenschutz Schutzwände

Spit shields and cough guards Protective barriers

Corona viruses are mainly transmitted by droplet infection. When the infected person (host) coughs or sneezes, the corona viruses reach the mucous membranes of other people in small droplets, which can then also become infected. It is therefore important to prevent the spread of these droplets. Protective walls on counters or at cash registers in retail, insurance agencies or even bank branches or bakeries therefore protect your employees as well as your customers. The protective walls presented here as so-called spit or cough guards are easy to install, easy to clean and at the same time inconspicuous and attractive.

They offer purely mechanical protection, but of course no medical protection!

Stoffmasken, MNS und OP-Masken

Face protection, mouth and nose masks / fabric masks

Recently, masks have become compulsory in shops in most German states. Therefore we have decided to offer different types of masks here as well. Face shield visors made of PET, for example, have been manufactured for a long time for various occupational groups and fields of application. These are very suitable for employees who have constant contact with customers in order to protect them from droplet infection but still want to show their full face. We now also have fabric and MNS masks in our range, which can also be used to retain at least a certain proportion of potentially infectious droplets.

Absperrständer & Aufkleber

Guiding customer flows and indicating distance - the waiting area under construction

Let's start small: In order to point out the necessary hygiene rules indoors and outdoors, we not only offer customer stoppers, which you can purchase from us as a set either with or without a "Hygiene Notice" poster. Our range also includes various information stands, from DIN A4 to DIN A1, for your communication with customers as well as the matching hygiene posters in various sizes for information stands, snap frames or poster frames & CO. With these products, you can very specifically draw attention to the urgently needed measures in the fight against Corona.

With our new barrier stands, small and larger waiting areas can be clearly structured or entire areas can be protected from unauthorised access. Easy to set up and quickly mounted to the desired waiting positions with the built-in strap system using a click system, a complete waiting area can be set up quickly and easily even by untrained staff. The waiting person should already be informed here with the floor stickers "Please keep your distance" or about the necessary distance rules. If floor stickers are not possible outdoors due to the nature of the ground, our information stands can be used here. In addition, all other important information concerning your purchase can be displayed here.


Last but not least: the hand disinfection stands

Today we know that thorough hand washing (30sec, warm water & soap) is better than disinfecting and the wearing of gloves is also doubted by various doctors. Therefore, one should always wash one's hands before and after shopping - as far as that goes! But what if I quickly pop into the supermarket after the bakery? With hand sanitising stands, you offer your customers a service that should not be underestimated, wherever hand washing is simply not possible. From the beginning of the waiting area, for example, your customer can disinfect his hands and make the entire shopping experience a little safer for himself and others. Apart from the effective protection of the disinfectant, this is also a great image gain for your company, as your customer will feel safer than without this service.