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Sustainability - Saving packaging waste

... on a small scale


Due to our online shop, we send out many parcels with a previously unknown combination of different articles that are packed by type in our warehouse. On the one hand, this requires additional effort, which we are of course happy to provide as a service to our customers. On the other hand, it means that we need different cardboard boxes, which we have always purchased as new cardboard boxes up to now.

At the same time, neighbouring companies receive many products individually packaged from their suppliers - and depending on the trade, these product cardboard boxes are disposed of directly after unpacking or use of the product.

This is also the case with Heeger Sicherheitstechnik, whose owner is my private neighbour. By chance,wecame across the topic of online shops and goods logistics and quicklydevelopeda shirt-sleeved"sustainability" approach - since then, we regularly recycle the cardboard boxes of alarm systems or other components that would otherwise have to be disposed of - and we continue this model with our company neighbours ...


It is better to light a small light than to complain about great darkness (loosely based on Confucius)!