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Bringing light into the darkness - through the dark season with illuminated advertising


The time has come again - the clocks are set back one hour and winter time is back in Germany. With the changeover, the dark season also makes its return, and day by day we are increasingly running out of light. All dealers in the field of advertising technology, outdoor advertising & illuminated advertising should quickly pay attention here - it's time again for luminous slides and poster films. Why illuminated advertising in particular becomes so important in winter and what tips we have in store for you in the field of poster design can be read in our new article on the topic of winter blues & advertising technology.

Illuminated advertising helps - prevent light deficiency & winter depression

About half of all Germans do not cope very well with the lack of light during the cold season and around the turn of the year. The sleep hormone melatonin then gains the upper hand and cannot be broken down so well because of the lack of light. This is when people are crying out for more light - neon signs are in season again. Light boxes, light pillars and luminous advertising pylons once again adorn the shopping streets and shopping centres. And even indoors, light frames and LED light boxes are being used more extensively again. Special backlit foils have been specially designed for illuminated advertising and allow slogans and advertising motifs to shine clearly and brightly in bright colours. This means that advertisers are only a few steps away from perfect illuminated advertising.

The little 1x1 of poster design

In poster advertising, i.e. also illuminated advertising with illuminated frames, light boxes & co., certain rules apply in the field of poster design that you should have in mind before every campaign production. The most important thing is: a poster is an advertising space that consumers and potential customers should notice & actually perceive in passing. Therefore, it is not so much a matter of providing as much information as possible, but rather an eye-catching design of image and text. The image elements decide whether or not people will also look at the text or logo or slogan. Too much text should be avoided in any case. Instead, include links, QR codes or other brief references that give the viewer quick access to the branch or website. Be sure to incorporate the psychology of colours into your design and choose them wisely accordingly. NoGos for your illuminated advertising Do not use garish or too gaudy font colours - they impair readability.

And here's a little tip: refrain from using misogynistic or discriminatory images. It may attract the attention of passers-by, but it can quickly come across as unimaginative. Instead, score points with wit and charm, or try something new for once.

Would you have known? After Bremen and Ulm led the way, Berlin Kreuzberg launched the intiative "Sexism shouldn't sell" almost two years ago, which declared the neighbourhood a sexism-free zone, especially as far as billboards, illuminated advertising, etc. are concerned. Terre des Femmes e.V. wants to transform the district into a district free of sexist advertising. The initiative sees sexist advertising not only as a sales strategy but also as part of social reality. The negative effects of corresponding depictions have already been proven several times by social science studies. Moreover, the discussion to anchor the ban on sexist advertising in the UWG has been going on for some time. The initiative in Berlin is now boldly leading the way. Even the service provider Ströer, which supports traders, other service providers, retailers & co. throughout Germany in the realisation of outdoor advertising & illuminated advertising, is working hand in hand with the association & the city and has negotiated new contracts with the local district office especially for this campaign. In our opinion, a good start for outdoor advertising!