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How does digital signage work?

Digital signage works because people still trust their basic instincts. When the eye registers movement, people reflexively want to know what is behind it. Once the attention has been gained, the viewer can be addressed through an appealing design and specifically positioned content. This, together with flexibly controlled content adapted to target groups, makes digital signage a unique and powerful advertising medium.

Digital Signage

Basically, digital signage must be differentiated into two categories: At the P.O.S (Point of Sale), i.e. where purchase decisions are made, digital signage has a sales-increasing effect directly on the product. If you play individual displays in the shop with image pictures or films, they have a brand-building and image-promoting effect.

At the P.O.I. (Point of Interest) you can use digital signage to display a mixture of information and advertising that reaches the desired target group for the installation location. Advertising screens at railway stations and bus stops with information and rented advertisements and info screens in the waiting or transit area of airports.

Digital Signage

Where is it used?

The basis for deciding when digital signage makes sense is the existing marketing potential. These include first and foremost the factors dwell time (waiting time) and audience frequency. The readiness to receive an advertising message during a waiting period, for example in the checkout area or at an underground station - is much higher than in the passenger situation, i.e. when customers just move past the monitors.

-The target group is also important (Have the customers already made their purchase decision?).

-The usage situation (For example, is a purchase decision imminent?)

-The sales potential of the advertised products or services (Is it a consumer product, for example?).

Measurable success

Compared to classic print advertising, e.g. with snap frames, digital signage differs above all in its quick and possibly local adaptability. A targeted customer approach, target group expansion and the modern appearance of today's digital signage displays are further advantages.
Various studies have shown that 65 percent of those surveyed have seen advertising on P.O.I. displays. For P.O.S. digital signage displays, the figure was as high as 82 percent. The increase in turnover is stated to be 15 - 25 percent, depending on the industry, and the R.O.I. (Return of Invest) is thus 1-2 years - depending on whether advertising space was rented for the devices at the P.O.I. or used specifically at the P.O.S. to increase turnover or promote the image.

Demonstrate the courage to innovate: Digital Signage

Digital signage systems can be used in many ways. They are used to present offers and promotions in shops or in public spaces. At external events such as trade fairs or exhibitions, you can present yourself innovatively and professionally with a digital signage system. Supplement your classic advertising and presentation systems with a modern display of digital media content: Digital signage systems demonstrate your innovative strength and affinity for technology. They often provide you with far more presentation options than classic advertising media can offer. The modern digital signage systems can be used in a target group-oriented and individual way in every situation. At many events, digital signage is a real attraction. We offer you customised solutions - contact us!

Digital signage magically attracts attention

The perfect advertising medium is an eye-catcher and attracts attention. Digital advertising spaces create a high degree of presence and entice every potential customer to read. With digital signage, targeted addressing is made possible and several advertising messages can be displayed in alternation. This is the best way to reach potential customers.

Digital signage makes targeting easy

Digital signage boards are becoming increasingly popular. Whether for outdoor advertising, at trade fairs or directly at the point of sale, digital signage makes it easy to address customers. The great advantage of digital advertising spaces is clearly their flexibility. Spontaneous campaigns can be carried out with digital advertising space. But it can also draw the customer's attention to offers or new products.

Digital advertising is a favourable advertising option in the long term. It makes it possible to actively pick up the customer and place situation-dependent advertising. Digital signage is available both as a stand-alone solution and as a network solution that can be managed and configured online. Whether videos, images, Flash animations or FULL-HD resolutions, digital advertising spaces offer the possibility of appealing advertising measures.

Samsung Business Monitor

Everything for your digital advertising

We offer the entire product range for your digital signage system: from digital customer stoppers to high-quality steles with touch displays. Our interactive solutions with real digital signage monitors from Samsung (Samsung 24/7 Business Monitors) with integrated SOC player. Depending on the system, you can play them via USB, HDMI, W-LAN, LAN or 4G. Their content can be varied simply and easily. For recording in your own local network, you can download the free stand-alone software Samsung MagicInfo Express 2 under Downloads. For management independent of your location, download the server software Samsung MagicInfo Server Lite (free for up to 25 devices).

Just get started with Samsung MagicInfo Express!

With the free MagicInfo Express digital signage software (latest version available as download for Windows & Mac here), you can easily create and manage your content yourself. Within your local LAN or WLAN network, you can manage the various digital signage devices from our series (digital customer stopper, info pedestal, etc.) together and display them differently depending on the task at hand, without incurring any additional costs. If several digital signage devices at different locations are managed together via the public network, a professional server-based content management software is the solution. But even this is free of charge for up to 25 devices in the Lite version! Feel free to contact us regarding digital signage.

Digitale Info-Stelen Trendline

Digital signage: TrendLine digital information pillars

The slimline TrendLine digital information pillar is made of a sturdy steel frame and an aluminium rear panel. It is equipped with a professional 24/7 Samsung digital signage monitor in 4K resolution. This slim design, without any disturbing edge on the sides of the monitor, allows a weight of only 43 kg. Due to the construction with a detached rear part, the usual fans are not necessary. This means that you can also use these digital signage units in very quiet waiting areas. This pedestal does not require a protective screen; the original Samsung screen offers a glare-free view without any reflections.

Ideal for advertising or display in waiting areas, doctors' surgeries or clinics. In addition, the digital signage stele is also suitable for trade fairs and events, as the light weight of 43 kg makes it easy to transport.

Digital Signage Stelen Indoor

Digital signage: Digital signage information pillars

The digital sign age information pillars are made of silver anodised aluminium profile and a front panel of safety glass. The back is covered with a steel plate. This is secured with two locks and is only opened to operate the LFD display. Our digital signage steles can be supplied in HD or UHD (4K) and can of course also be equipped with a touch foil. ALDISPLAYS also offers affordable and professional solutions for outdoor use. In sizes 32-55 inches with Samsung digital signage monitors.

Digitaler Kundenstopper

The digital customer stopper

The field of digital signage has only become an affordable option in terms of advertising for small and medium-sized companies in the last few years. Indoors, the digital customer stopp er is particularly well suited for installation in waiting areas and entrance areas. In other words, exactly where your visitors and customers may be staying for a slightly longer period of time. But the digital customer stoppers also cut a fine figure at the point of sale. Only a power connection is required for operation.

Digitales Poster

Digital Poster / Digital Boards

Our digital poster for ceiling or wall mounting with mounting bracket is the eye-catcher for your salesroom with its slim design. Equipped with a professional 43" 4K Samsung digital signage 24/7 display, it promotes your special offer. The digital poster can be suspended from the ceiling using steel cables or invisibly mounted on the wall using the mounting bracket. Please note that these digital signage monitors are only suitable to a limited extent for installation in shop windows. If the shop window is in the sun all day, light output of 1500 cd or more is required. But we also have solutions for this - please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stefan Kröll