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The advertising poster rocks indoors & outdoors

A success then as now - the advertising poster rocks indoors & outdoors

Digital Signage

Poster advertising - the perennial favourite of service providers & dealers

The latest innovations in advertising technology & display advertising are conquering the market - digital signage & illuminated advertising is booming more than ever and seems to be pushing classic advertising media out of their places. Especially digital signage systems with efficient content management systems (CMS) are still a novelty and inspire visitors & potential customers with relevant content and interactive touch screens. However, they cannot yet compete with the real classics & grandfathers of advertising. Poster advertising is realised with the help of poster frames & customer stoppers indoors, and light boxes outdoors. The advertising poster as such has been a valued means of captivating addressees with images and words for more than 100 years. The history of poster advertising clearly speaks for itself here - this advertising tool is and remains a perennial favourite and proves itself very well alongside all the new bells and whistles.

Would you have known? Advertising posters - the cornerstone of Art Nouveau

Jules Cheret

Already at the end of the 19th century, so-called artist posters were in great demand. Jules Chéret is considered a pioneer in the field of poster art. As a trained lithographer, he designed pieces that were both technically and artistically sophisticated and quickly made a name for himself. He printed advertising posters for circus events and opera evenings, later he also printed poster advertisements for vermouth, cigarettes and petroleum. He laid the foundation for many other artists who are still known today, and thus also for Art Nouveau. Such as Henris de Toulouse-Lautrec, who designed the famous Moulin Rouge poster, or Alphonse Mucha, who successfully designed advertising posters for the actress Sarah Bernhardt.