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Beachflag - DROPS - Size L - incl. carrier bag & earth thorn MIT Rotator - incl. flag in drop form - Design: Alumast as plug-in system - Print: digital print 4-c from delivered file - reverse side printed in mirror image

  • Item number: BF-T-ED-L-R
  • Delivery time: 1 week
  • With rotator & sea buckthorn
  • Attractive, firmly stretched drop shape
  • Including print - the back is mirror-inverted!
  • Material: ADD-Beachflagtex 110 g / qm with hemstitch for flag system
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Water bag weight Accessories for beachflag models BF-ZUB-WS-12 9,90 EUR
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Beachflag - DROPS - Size L - incl. carrier bag & earth thorn - MIT Rotator - incl. flag in drop form - Design: Alumast as plug-in system - Print: digital print 4-c from delivered file - reverse side printed in mirror image

Beachflag Drop Sea Buckthorn L Rotator Beach flag with printed flag in drop sail form fixed on all sides - complete incl. carrying bag ...
Format Größe L (Höhe 3,35 mtr)
Variant mit Rotator
Application Innen- & Außenbereich
Item number BF-T-ED-L-R
EAN 0704270663438
Weight (in kg) 12.2
Delivery time
(subject to prior sale)
Delivery time: 1 week
Notes Material: ADD-Beachflagtex 110 g / qm, als Beachflag-Tropfenform konfektioniert - Format: Gesamthöhe ca. 3.350 mm, Fahnengröße ca. 1.100 x 2.650 mm

Beachflag in pot form with rotator & sea buckthorn

Our Beach-Flags DROPS are available in the formats S, M, L, XL, in the versions with spike, base plate and cross foot, and in both versions with or without rotator. Please note that the availability of the two variants varies depending on the design! Configure your Beach-Flag Display according to your wishes and you will be shown your individual price.

Causes a stir indoors and outdoors - our beach flag in drop form

Beachflags are flexible advertising media that can be used on point of sale They can be used at trade fairs or events and for many other purposes in indoor and outdoor areas. The Beachflag DROPS from ALDISPLAYS is characterised by its special design. The teardrop shape makes the flag look particularly stylish and harmonious, and enables an eye-catching company or product presentation in a wide variety of locations. You can obtain our beach flag in drop form in different designs - our Flag display are therefore available in different overall heights and with varying flag sizes. Let us print the flags individually with your company logo or other information in text and pictures, and make the beach flag the figurehead of your company. The complete Advertising display with the many possible ways to assemble the system. Quick and easy to install the Display system transport and set up at the desired location in less than five minutes. The high quality gives our Beachflag drops not only a noble appearance, but also longevity and robustness. The Beachflag poles are concealed in the hemstitch of flag material. You can thus make full use of your advertising space without a trim strip disturbing the overall picture.

Available with base plate, earth spike or cross foot

The Beachflag is a Display which was explicitly developed for outdoor use. The mast of the system is made of carbon and is mounted by means of a plug-in mechanism. Depending on which version you choose, you will receive the appropriate accessories conveniently in a suitable carrying bag. As a further accessory you will receive a water bag weight as an option for additional weighting of the foot. If you wish to have an individual and personal flag print matching your beach flag, our ADD-Beachflagex with a material weight of 110 g / sqm will be printed with the help of digital printing 4-c from the supplied file and a mirror-inverted back. The flag is of course also produced by us in drop form.

Digital printing guidelines for download:

Digital printing guidelines Beachflag drops

Please send us HERE Your print data

Format information

Drop shape size S total height approx. 2.200 mm and print approx. 750 x 1.700 mm
Drop shape size M total height approx. 2.550 mm and print approx. 950 x 2.050 mm
Drop shape size L total height approx. 3,350 mm and print approx. 1,100 x 2,650 mm
Drop shape size XL total height approx. 4,300 mm and print approx. 1,200 x 3,600 mm