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Beachflag SQUARE - in many designs and formats

Our Beachflags SQUARE are available in the formats M, L and XL, as well as in the three different versions with ground flap, ground spike or cross foot. Beachflags in the version with a rotator always rotate very easily with the wind.

Our new beach flag system for your flag advertising

The Beachflag SQUARE is elegant and expressive. The classic beach flag with rectangular flag cuts a fine figure at any location and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Wherever the display system is set up, it attracts attention from afar thanks to its large-format and high advertising space, and presents your company or products in an eye-catching and large format. With the SQUARE beach flag from ALDISPLAYS , you can rely on a proven advertising medium that is just as suitable for permanent advertising at a location as it is for mobile use for events and promotions. The flag stand comes with a pluggable flagpole system with outrigger and three different ground mounts. Choose one of our various designs and different overall heights and flag sizes. The display can be set up in just a few minutes, making it ideal for short-term and mobile use. With a carrying bag as an accessory, you can transport the flag quickly and easily on site. You can not only order the flag system from us, but also have your flag printed straight away. We print the flag according to your specifications using high-quality 4-c digital printing, and you receive your beach flag from us directly, ready for installation.

Don't be a square - order the new beach flag variant with a square flag design.

The Beachflag SQUARE is a newcomer to our display range . It is distinguished from the other flag systems by its rectangular design. The SQUARE beach flag, like the other two beach flags from the Cologne display forge, is a pluggable flag system. You will also receive a matching carrying bag for your ordered accessories, which you can use to transport the beach flag and accessories to the place of use. We print our 110 g/m² lightweight flag fabric (ADD-Beachflagtex) using the digital printing process, and also equip it with a hemstitch to match the flag system.

Printing information

Digital printing guidelines Beachflag Square

Format information

Size M Total height 2400 mm, flag size 600 x 1500 mm
Size L Total height 3500 mm, flag size 850 x 2650 mm
Size XL Total height 4600 mm, flag size 850 x 3750 mm